Suiren Park (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Suiren Park Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

Thie department store is where you’ll find your first compass and bag.



After the earthquake strikes, you’ll find yourself trapped in the overturned bus. Crawl out of the wreckage and proceed up the sidewalk and make your way to the park on the right. Speak to the older man on the bench who dropped his lunch, then proceed to the save point near the fountain.

After saving your game, head north and cross to the other side of the intersection. You’ll trigger a cutscene where a scary-looking man will ask you if you’ve seen a man in a black shirt. You can try to help him or willingly lie to him. However, doing so will cost you some Moral Points.

After you finish talking to the scary-looking man, head southeast across the intersection and you’ll find Ms. Higa, a young teacher who’s desperately trying to find her missing students in front of the department store.

Disaster Report 4 Ms. Higa

Ms. Higa just wants to do the best she can for her students, but they don’t always make it easy.


After speaking to the teacher, enter the department store.  On the counter, you’ll find an Emergency Bag. Take it, then proceed up the stairs.

You’ll encounter Hisui Gakuin high school students, Eri Akasaka and Hidemi Shimizu, casually taking pictures with their phones on the second-floor balcony. However, they have no interest in being reunited with their teacher. Before returning to Ms. Higa, continue past the second-floor fitting room to find the Mystery Compass.


Eri and Hidemi don’t think particularly highly of their new teacher, Ms. Higa.


When you finish, head back downstairs and return to Ms. Higa, who is standing in front of the shop. After speaking to you, you’ll learn there’s one more student left to find.

Cross the road and head east until you reach the sign blocking the way. Here you’ll meet the final student, Hiroko Yamauchi.

Following a brief discussion, the group will talk about trying to move to the next area beyond the fallen sign. Choose to go first, and you’ll score 8 Moral Points.

Push the truck as hard as you can twice, then push it while thinking about your happiest memory to push the truck and escape the flames.

In our next Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Asagao Crossing.

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