Inside Akebonoutsugi Station (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Inside Akebonoutsugi Station Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

Don’t let the lack of skyscrapers fool you – the underground comes with its own perils.



After you make your way down the stairs and enter the gate, you’ll notice two banks of lockers on the right before you reach the stairway. Remember the key the injured man in the convenience store at Asagao Crossing gave you? Use it here to obtain the Jewelry Box.

After you receive the box, you’ll hear a woman scream. Head down to the station platform to see what the fuss is all about.

Once on the platform, you’ll see a subway train on the left. If you try to enter the train, you’ll find the doors won’t open just yet. Try interacting between the train cars and your character will remark that they aren’t sure how to operate several machines found between the railcars. At this point, go back upstairs, and you’ll find the employee room on the right.

Disaster Report 4

The documents in the employee room will teach you how to access the train on the platform.

In the far left corner of the employee room is a bookshelf full of station documents. Interact with it, and you’ll find you need to engage the emergency handle. Now work your way back down to the platform and return to the machine between the cars and use the lever. You can now enter the train.

Now, don’t waste any time – the entire ceiling of the station is about to cave in. Make a mad dash for the train doors closest to the platform staircase and choose to open the door manually. Now climb in and hit the deck to avoid being flattened by falling debris.

Make your way east down the aisle and brace yourself for more aftershocks. When you exit the train, head to your right, and you’ll find the woman you heard screaming trapped under rubble. Offer to help her by removing the debris.

Next, drop down onto the tracks to find a Metal Pole, then return to the trapped woman and use the pole to free her.

After you rescue this young lady from several tons on concrete, she gets up and follows you like a true trooper. She must have legs of steel!

After you rescue her, continue down the platform to the Akebonoutsugi Station Platform save point and save your game before boarding the train opposite of the one you just exited. Once again, brace yourself for aftershocks.

When you exit the train, climb the stairs to the left and proceed up the rubble to get atop the subway car.

A cutscene will trigger, and two horny drunks will attempt to assault your new companion sexually. However, before they do the deed, they want to have another drink. Now tied up, you and your friend will need to scoot around on your asses to escape. Lucky for you, these two degenerates are blind as bats. Stick to the wall and carefully make your way to the ticket booth to avoid detection.

Now, hide behind the blue barrier and wait for the skinny drunk with the flashlight to pass you a second time. On each second pass, the thug will enter the convenience store. This will give you time to proceed to the opening in the blue barrier in the center of the platform (which the bald drunk is leaning against).

Disaster Report 4 walkthrough

Use the tape cutter in the shop to free yourself and escape the subway.

When the skinny drunk makes his rounds, he’ll come close but won’t see you. Wait for him to return to the convenience store and work your way around the barrier to the side closest to the store’s entrance. Once he passes you once more, crawl into the shop and quickly move behind the counter where you’ll find a tape cutter under the register to cut your bindings.

When you’re free, once again, wait for the drunk to pass. When the coast is clear, run to the bound woman at the ticket booth to cut her ropes as well.

That was close, wasn’t it? With those two creeps out the way, now you’re free to flee upstairs to the canal district.

In the next section of our Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Nadeshiko Canal.

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