In Front of Enishida Station (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

In Front of Enishida Station Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

Enishida was hit hard in the quake, and now most of the buildings lie flattened.



First thing’s first. Stop at the save point at the roadside Japanese aralia tree.  Head east and upon finding the road blocked, Kanae will suggest you walk the train tracks instead.

Now, cross the road and look behind the wrecked semi to find the Manga Kakeru Compass.

After you collect the compass, go west down the sidewalk and enter the train station, which local officials are using as a temporary shelter.

Talk to the tired station worker in the office, and he’ll explain that many people have become trapped behind shutters in the station and that he thinks he left the Shutter Handle used to open them on the train platform.

Proceed through the station turnstiles, and there will be a tremor that causes something to collapse outside. Now exit the station and continue west down the sidewalk, and you’ll find a man in a gray shirt pointing at the railway above. You can climb the utility box to get on the train tracks.


Disaster Report 4 guide

You’ll need to scale this utility box to reach the station platform. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t fret. The collision detection here leaves a bit to be desired.


Now make your way to the Enishida station platform and use the save point. You’ll find the shutter handle on the ground on the opposite side of the platform. Now head down the stairs on that side of the platform and talk to the anguished employee near the bottom of the stairway, and he’ll give you a Tengu Mask.

Unfortunately, the shutter mechanism on this side of the platform is damaged and won’t open. You’ll need to go back up to the platform and cross the tracks again and go down the stairs where Kanae is waiting and open the shutters. Before you go downstairs, look at the wall, and you’ll see the emergency phone, which you can use to call a rescue team to assist the survivors stranded at the Enishida Apartments. Doing this good deed will net you ten moral points.

After you open the shutters, head back up the stairs and investigate the wreckage on the platform next to the emergency phone. Kanae will suggest finding two more people to move the debris safely. Head down the stairs on that side of the platform and talk to the Moody Office Woman, who will give you a Crowbar.

Disaster Report 4

You’ll need to help the locals a bit before they’ll help you move this debris so that you can move on to the next area.

Now, exit the station and cross the road. Continue east on the sidewalk, and a cutscene will begin showing a mother and father comforting a crying girl whose favorite stuffed bear was left in their house when it got destroyed. If you can find the bear and return it, he is willing to help move the rubble on the station platform.

Before you get the bear, keep going west past where your boat is docked, and another cutscene will trigger. The innkeeper’s sick father is trapped in a demolished house that you cannot enter from the front. If you help rescue his father, he’ll return the favor and move debris too.

It’s time to return to your boat. Veer slightly right and dock at the nearby cones, which will put you in front of the ruined house with the trapped sick man. Move the crates and crawl inside. The man is alive, but his legs are stuck under fallen wood, which needs a special tool to be moved. You can’t help him just yet, so get back on the boat and steer east up the river past Enishida and dock at the red cone on the left. Crawl inside the ruined house to retrieve the girl’s missing Teddy Bear.

Now get back in the boat and return to Enishida. Give the bear to the elementary school girl, then talk to the nearby man leaning on a dark sedan. He’ll tell you that you’re welcome to the contents of his trunk. Take the Car Jack from the trunk, then return to where the trapped man is and use the jack to free him.

With the elderly man now safe, return to his family so you can get the last person to help clear the tracks for you to progress.

Make your way back to the station platform, and you can now remove the debris and safely board the train and proceed down the tracks to the next area.

In the next part of our Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Yaguruma Shopping Street.

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