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Himawaricho Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

Geez, lady. Would you get off my back for once?



After narrowly escaping the White Shirts, you’ll end up in the scenic town of Himawaricho. When you first arrive on the main road, you’ll come across an old woman who hurt her leg when the aftershocks hit and a wall fell onto her. When she asks for help, be a good boy (or girl) and tell her you’ll carry her son’s house.

However, when you get to the house, the poor old lady’s daughter in law convinces her son not to let the injured elder stay there. Not wanting to make trouble for the family, she asks you to take her to the nearby hospital on the main shopping street.

When you leave the house, make the first left and head North to the save point in front of the Hideriko Bookstore.

Now head east and then go up the long flight of stairs that leads to the second floor of the bookstore. Climb through the window and take the Hoodie Outfit from the bed.

Leave the bedroom and go downstairs. If you search the cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find 100,000 yen inside. Now enter the door to your left and enter the bookstore to find the Manga Kakuyo Compass. After collecting everything you want in the bookstore, head back upstairs, and climb out the bedroom window.

Disaster Report 4

There’s no shortage of goodies to grab in the bookstore.

Make your way across the awning to the opposite side of the gorge. Be sure to move fast enough to avoid falling as pieces of the awning tumble into the sinkhole below.

Once you’re on the other side of the chasm, use the Stevia Shopping Street save point and rest if you need to. If you speak to the Drugstore Girl near the save point, she’ll give you bandages.

Climb the stairs behind her. When you reach the top, you’ll see the fake store manager Kumazawa climbing out the bar window. When in Rome, do as the Romans do – climb inside! On the bar, you’ll find a Hyottoko Mask and a Furoshiki (35 storage).

Disaster Report 4

Hello, Newman.

Climb back out the window and proceed among the awning. Once you get atop the box truck, the elderly woman Kiyo’s grandson will appear and say he knows a shortcut to the hospital. When you drop down from the box truck, before following him into the water, look around and you’ll find a Construction Worker’s Helmet. This item can be combined with the Flashlight found in the 2nd-floor storeroom of the Department Store in Suiren Park to craft a Construction Helmet With A Light (Thanks, Odin! – ed.).

Follow him into the drainage ditch and through the alley. You’ll encounter a man using a cart to haul luggage, which you can now use to wheel granny Kiyo around. Talk about traveling in style!

Head north and turn left at the intersection. Be careful when you pas the box truck with three people beside it as wreckage will begin to fall from a nearby building. Make a right at the box truck then a right at the end of the street, and you’ll see the hospital on your left.

Before you talk to the nurse in front of the hospital, take the Thick Rimmed Glasses from atop the blue hatchback near the entrance.

Paging Buddy Holly.

When you talk to the nurse, she’ll inform you that the hospital is overcrowded and suggest you take Kiyo to the shelter at Kuchinashi Elementary in the next town over.

If you’re ready to finally get this monkey off your back, walk North to leave Himawaricho.

In our next Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through the Kuchinashi Elementary Evacuation Shelter.

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