Hamayu Pier (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Hamayu Pier Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

You’ve finally made it to the ferry terminal! But is this really the end of the road?



Once you arrive at Hamayu Pier, Kanae will run on ahead. While the ferry terminal’s packed parking lot may look like the perfect place to find bonus collectibles, don’t be fooled. There’s nothing here, so don’t bother. Enter the Hamayu Pier Ferry Terminal and use the first floor save point if you need to.

Head through the door to enter the Ferry Manager’s office, where you’ll learn the ferry is full and that you’ll need to take a lifeboat to escape via the harbor. Before you head for the lifeboats, grab the low-profile cap from a table in the manager’s office.


Disaster Report 4 walkthrough

Sail away, sail away, sail away…


Exit the rear of the office, and you’ll arrive at the pier just in time to see the ferry set sail. Run along the side of the dock to trigger a cutscene. During the cinematic, Kanae will explain that due to the massive earthquake, she’s been unable to find her lover, Tomoya. After the cutscene, a dock worker will be killed by falling debris. In his dying breath, he gives you the Terminal Worker Key and urges you to board the lifeboat.

After the worker succumbs to his injuries, proceed towards the group of survivors who were unable to escape on the ferry who’ve gathered at the end of the dock. When you get close enough to them, a massive quake will strike. Quickly run in the opposite direction (towards the chain link fence) to avoid falling to your watery demise.

After the tremors stop, carefully make your way back into the terminal and ascend the stairs. Use the Terminal Worker Key to enter the staff veranda then from there climb the ladder to the rooftops.

Walk along the narrow path on the left to collect the Umbrella Compass, then make your way down the ladder to the Hamayu Pier Workshop, West save point. Take the concrete stairs down to board the dinghy and hang on tight!

In the next part of our Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Enishida Apartments.

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