Entire Kakitsubata Main Street (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Entire Kakitsubata Main Street Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

What could be hiding back there?


As the chapter begins, you and Kanae will be walking the tracks on an elevated rail line above the streets of Kakitsubata. Suddenly, the entire section of the railway you’re on will collapse. Brace yourself and carefully make your way down to the street below.

Once on Kakitsubata Main Street, use the save point and rest to relieve any stress damage you may have taken from the fall.

After you save your game, enter the convenience store on the right.  Once inside, you’ll once again come face to face with Kumazawa, the phony store manager.

Kumazawa has the following “deals” available:

  • Chicken Nanban Bento: $24,000
  • Salmon Onigiri: $8,000
  • Bottle of Oolong Tea: $8,000


After you do your shopping, use the bathroom in the back of the store if you need to, then enter the stockroom behind the coolers to get the Swordfish Compass.

Leave the convenience store and continue going east then entire the office building that serves as Kerberos’ headquarters. If you speak to the salaryman who runs out of the building, he’ll tell you that Vestola’s managing director, Nakanishi, has been scouted. Enter the building then go in the door on the left, which leads to the second floor.

Disaster Report 4

The Fighter Aircraft Compass is meant to look like a Leo from R-Type – complete with Option!

Go down the hall and past the receptionist into the abandoned office to find a Fighter Aircraft Compass which just so happens to look a lot like the Leo from R-Type – Cool!

Now, head back towards the receptionist’s desk and make a left. Enter the office on the right, and you’ll overhear the president of Vestola’s rival Kerberos talking to Nakanishi, who he offers to make the president of the company if he betrays Vestola’s ruthless president Kirishima.

When they’ve finished talking, leave the exit the way you came in and return to Kakitsubata Main Street.

On the side of the road you’ll find two salespeople selling the following goods:


  • Cheongsam: $20,000
  • First-aid Kit: $3,800
  • Aquamarine Ring: $143,000
  • Kelp Onigiri: $100



Cross the road and proceed to walk up to the gate near the worker and flustered businessman. Investigate the gate, and you’ll learn it’s been locked by Kerberos.

Return to the Kerberos building and ask the receptionist if she’ll let you borrow the key for the door under the highway. When she hands it over, exit the building and return to the locked gate to gain access to the underpass on Kakitsubata Main Street.

Disaster Report 4 walkthrough

Before you can take this bad boy for a spin, you’ll need to help repair the tire.

Take a minute to save your progress, then talk to the man admiring his scooter. If you ask him to borrow his bike to help your friend, he’ll tell you that you can use it once he fixes his flat tire.

To fix the flat, you’ll need to get your hands on a Tire Repair Kit. Leave the overpass via the opening in the fence, and you’ll see two men working on a white car. Talk to the man and the trunk of the car, and he’ll lend you his Tire Repair Kit.

Disaster Report 4

I’ll drink to that.

Hand the kit over to the man at the scooter, and he’ll allow you to use it. But before you do so, head East up the road to the woman selling clothes and you can buy the following items:

  • Male Police Uniform: $30,000
  • Male Police Officer Hat: $12,000


Continue past the woman selling police apparel, and you’ll find a Firewood Backpack (storage space 30) resting on a ledge.

Now return to the scooter and hop on. Take a right out of the underpass and then go up the freeway ramp. Continue east down the highway. Before long, your joyride will come to an end when an earthquake causes the freeway to collapse.

In our next Disaster Report 4 Guide, we’ll walk you through Kakitsubata Main Street 2nd Visit.

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