Asagao Crossing (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Asagao Crossing Walkthrough

Disaster Report 4 guide

You won’t need the luck of the Irish to find this compass.




After talking to Ms. Higa and the rest of the Hisui Gakuin High School kids, head to the eastmost edge of Asagao Crossing and walk under the crosswalk. You’ll find the Four Leaf Compass sitting between two bushes.

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Most of this chapter is spent sorting out a litany of crises in the convenience store.

With the compass in your possession, it’s time to turn around and visit the convenience store. When you first walk in, you’ll find a line of unsatisfied customers looking for the store clerk. Go behind the counter and open the door to find the frightened worker cowering in the staffroom.


When you finish talking to the cowardly clerk, return to the sales floor and enter the rear storeroom opposite the counter where you’ll find an injured man in need of water. Talk to the man, then leave the storeroom and go left to find the bathroom. Enter it, and you’ll be greeted by the sound of a man struggling with a hellacious bowel movement. Feel free to cheer him on. Unfortunately, he’s out of toilet paper, and it’s up to you to save the day.

Return to the staffroom and ask the frightened worker where the toilet paper is. But before he helps, you’ll need to fill in for him at the register to clear out the crowd. After he gives you a Convenience Store Clerk Uniform, open your inventory and equip it then proceed to the register to start taking care of the angry mob.

When you finally manage to clear out the horde of unhappy customers, the clerk will tell you the toilet paper is in the far back on a shelf in the backroom. Go back to where you found the wounded man in need of water and claim your roll of shit tickets from the shelf beside him.

Return to the bathroom and give the roll of toilet paper to Convenience Store Manager Kumazawa. You can purchase supplies from him now, such as bento, onigiri, and Bottled Water, which you can now buy for the injured man in the stockroom.

Disaster Report 4 walkthrough

It turns out the injured man in the rear of the shop is the one the scary-looking man was pursuing in Suiren Park.

Go back to the stockroom and give the mysterious man the Bottled Water. After a brief conversation about the suspicious individual who was pursuing him at Suiren Park, he’ll inform you the only way out of the city is by boat and entrust you with his subway Locker Key for a locker at Akebonoutsugi Station. When the conversation ends, it’s time to leave the stockroom and return to the sales floor.

After a cutscene that reveals the man you believed to be Store Manager Kumazawa is, in fact, a fraud, exit the shop and begin to head east. Suddenly, the skyscraper across the street from the convenience store will begin to collapse. Quickly, turn around and get some distance before taking cover, or you’ll end up being flattened by debris.

After the building collapses and the dust clears, you’ll start to hear the voice of a woman calling for help. Approach the rubble of the fallen skyscraper and climb up the debris to enter the window on the far right side of the building.

Once you enter the building, be careful. Aftershocks will cause chairs and tables to begin sliding towards you in waves. When things finally settle, proceed down the hall and ascend the stairs at the end of the corridor. Follow the voice to find a survivor, Yayoi Kasahara, in the boardroom on the second floor.


You’ll meet Yayoi in the ruined skyscraper.


With Yayoi now in tow, make your way back downstairs to where you entered the building. Once you enter the room, the ceiling will suddenly collapse and force you and your new friend to crawl back towards the stairwell. After you reach the end of the hall, enter the bathroom to the right and climb the debris to exit the building.

When you get outside, you’ll find yourself atop a ruined part of the building. Climb down into the window that leads to a bathroom and keep descending. Once you reach the very bottom, crawl through the narrow passageway to collect the Flannel Shirt & Jeans outfit.

Once you’ve got the outfit in your inventory, turn around and crawl back under the wall. In this room, you’ll find a window you can open to get back to street level.

After a brief cutscene, proceed up the road to the save point and enter the next area, Ajisai Crossing.

In the next part of our Disaster Report 4 guide, we’ll walk you through Ajisai Crossing.

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