Hey Poor Player’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

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Hello, and welcome to Hey Poor Player’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide! From crafting materials to procuring tools to all the deets surrounding the latest holiday, our how-to’s will certainly help you adjust to your new island home! As we steadily populate our guide with new articles, we’ll be making around-the-clock adjustments to reflect game updates and new events, so stay tuned for further developments.

(For reference, updated guides will marked with an * to reflect additional information and/or corrections.)


Eating Fruit

Moving Your Home/Other Facilities

Shops and Facilities

Opening a Museum

Opening Nook’s Cranny

Opening Able Sisters

Opening a Campsite

Upgrading Resident Services into Town Hall

Upgrading Nook’s Cranny

Art Museum Upgrade (Meeting Redd and Buying Art)

Install Nook Shopping On Your Nook Phone


Obtaining a Vaulting Pole

Obtaining a Ladder

Obtaining Fish Bait

Obtaining a Wand (Celeste, Shooting Star Fragments, and DIY Recipes)

Obtaining a Wet Suit (Swimming and Sea Creatures)

Obtaining a Timer

Pocket Organization Guide (Increasing Inventory Space to Three Rows)

Ultimate Pocket Stuffing (Increase Inventory Space to Four Rows)

How to Send Mail

Holidays/Seasonal Events

*Bunny Day

Nature Day (Leif, Shrubs, and Nook Miles Tickets)

May Day

International Museum Day (Plaques)

Wedding Event (Heart Crystals and Wedding Furniture)

Halloween Costumes

Summer Shells (Recipes and Different Hemispheres)

Special Guests

How to Invite K.K. Slider

List of K.K. Slider Songs

How to Find Gulliver’s Communicator Parts

Catching Wisp’s Spirit Pieces

Label’s Fashion Challenges

Pascal’s Scallops (Mermaid DIYs)

Catching Critters

How to Catch a Coelacanth

How to Catch a Fly

How to Catch an Ant

Tips and Tricks

How to Get Turnips and Play the Stalk Market

Online Play Practices (Dodo Codes, Nook Link, Community Terminology, and More!)

*Obtaining Reactions

How to Unlock Sable’s Patterns

Earning Exclusive Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Items

Duplication Glitch (Make Bells Fast!)


3 Mystical Items Based on Japanese Folklore

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