How to Move Your Home and Other Buildings (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

The wilderness beckons! Or that cliff up there, I dunno.
animal crossing: new horizons moving guide

Not happy with your home location? Think the Museum and Able Sisters would be better off bunched together? No worries, because Tom Nook’s got you covered: for the not-so-low price of 50,000 bells (or just 30,000, if it’s your house), you can relocate most any building anywhere you’d like across your island home. While certain structures like Resident Services, its respective Plaza, and the Airport can’t be moved, everything else is free game, so follow our guide on uprooting your villagers’ tropical life below!

To start off, you can only access this landscaping option through achieving a certain milestone; specifically, Resident Services’ renovation into Town Hall. Once that’s taken care of, simply have a seat with Tom Nook and inquire him about infrastructure, whereupon you can file a request to move your desired building. The following’s a quick reference in accordance with cost:

50,000 Bells: Nook’s Cranny, Able Sisters, Blathers’ Museum, the Camping Site, and any villager’s house.

30,000 Bells: Your home.

animal crossing: new horizons moving guide

Once the request’s filed, your bells spent, and any and all relevant parties informed, Tom Nook will fork over a handy-dandy construction kit for you to get started on relocation. While it goes without saying this process is subject to your own discretion, here’s a few handy tips you may want to consider:

1) Try to ensure whatever building you’re moving doesn’t obscure any bodies of water; after all, you wouldn’t want to obscure any prime fishing spots, would you?

2) You may not have considered this, but perhaps it’d be a good idea to cluster the Museum and Nook’s Cranny together? That way, you won’t be running back and forth while analyzing and selling fossils

3) Remember that any and all plants and trees in your construction zone will be permanently removed, so take advantage of the visualization to ensure nothing’s erased! Bear in mind you can move trees through fruit-eating, too.

And that’s it! As seen above, do care take care not to abuse your relocation privileges too much. (No, really, would you really want to keep wasting 50,000 bells for some cheap laughs?) Regardless, do direct any and all questions in the comments below!

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