How to Upgrade Resident Services into Town Hall (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Unleash the Shih Tsus!
animal crossing new horizons resident services guide

Tom Nook’s Resident Services center may be a handy mecca in everything from crafting, purchasing and selling, goods, island construction, and redeeming Nook Miles, but as your island expands, it’s only natural to feel your town headquarters deserves better than some patchwork tent. Thankfully, you’ll soon have the option of renovating your ragtag base of operations into a veritable Town Hall. (Complete with the return of a certain adorable assistant!) Follow our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide below to get cracking!

First off, this Town Hall upgrade requires the completion of various other town projects; namely, Blathers’s Museum, Nook’s Cranny, and your first bridge. When that’s all taken care of, Tom Nook will send you away to set up three construction plots for new villagers; naturally, you’ll decide each upon your own discretion, but take care to ensure their respective outdoor furniture rests close to their homes. (And as we’ll describe later, you can move their homes later if you’re not satisfied, so keep an open mind!)

Afterwards, you’ll be left to play the waiting game over the next five days as each new neighbor moves in and gets situated before Nook embarks upon his grand Town Hall redecoration (Or, y’know, you could just cheat by time traveling; hey, we ain’t judging…) Be warned, however, that Resident Services will be closed the after the final villager finishes moving in — while he’ll thankfully inform you beforehand, you’ll want to consider taking care of any and all Nook Miles/ABD banking business before construction begins.

animal crossing new horizons resident services guide

Once it’s complete, your new Resident Services arrives packaged not just with the belated arrival of hour music, but also a familiar face: the lovely Isabelle! As expected, your new Town Hall arrives with some new features, which we’ll outline below via your respective assistants:

Isabelle: Need an Island Evaluation to gauge your villagers’ happiness? Isabelle’s your gal. Everyone’s favorite Shih Tsu is also your resource for changing the Town Flag (got a new pattern you wanna show off to the world?), the Town Tune (y’know, the little jingle that pops up whenever you talk to someone), or Discussing a Resident (From wardrobe replacements to new catchphrase, you’ll find out your island is an authoritarian paradise! Did we mention abusing this feature can encourage problematic neighbors to move out?).

Tom Nook: Aside from his previous options, our raccoon entrepreneur’s now in charge of bridges (up to eight can be built!) and relocating your island’s various buildings — this includes your home, your neighbors’ homes, and any public service buildings from the Museum to the Able Sisters.

And that’s it! Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions on your new Town Hall. In the meantime, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub!

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