Eating Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

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animal crossing: new horizons fruit eating

Y’know how you could eat fruit in previous Animal Crossing games, but it never really, uh, did anything? Sure, you’d free up some inventory space, but more prudent players would likely conserve out-of-town edibles for extra Bells, so it often served as nothing more than a cute little animation. However, Animal Crossing: New Horizons spices up your lazy day snacks with a special reward: a one-time beefy power-up that shatters rocks and unroots trees! But how does one properly utilize this newfound eating routine? Our dieting guide below has the answers!

Here’s how it works: every time you gobble up some fruit — that’d be apples, oranges, cherries, peaches, and pears — a counter’ll pop up in the screen’s upper left corner. (See it above?) As you may’ve already figured out, each fruit fills this counter up one by one, entailing your temporary buffs by a maximum limit of ten. So long as there, you can whip out your shovel and smash rocks or dig up trees! Perhaps this owes to the vigorous work-outs they’ve gotten from Smash Bros.? While your mind may be racing at all the landscaping possibilities (or the sheer thrill of destroying your local ecosystem), you’ll want to be smart on proper fruit-buff protocol, so here’s some careful tips and reminders for both landmarks:

animal crossing: new horizons fruit eatinganimal crossing: new horizons fruit eating

Trees: By digging up a tree, your avatar can pocket it and settle it wherever you’d like on your tropical paradise. Sure, you could just chop a tree down via axes, but why wait three whole days for a new tree to grow when you could just plop it somewhere else? Depending on how you utilize this ability, you’ll find how to further streamline your daily routine; for instance, maybe you’ve spread out your fruit/coconut trees too far, and would prefer bunching them all up in one handy location? Or perhaps your special pear tree’s blocking that potential spot for a new museum? Not a problem — just carry it and place it somewhere else! (Also remember that you’ll eventually have the option of moving buildings wherever you’d like.)

Rocks: This is one we’d recommend holding off until your island’s further developed; specifically, maybe after you’ve constructed Nook’s Cranny. See, some unlucky players (including yours truly) got a little too carried away in smashing rocks; consequently; they found themselves with precious little Iron Nuggets to build a shopping center! (And let’s not forget clay and stones!) While breaking rocks can be useful for landscaping purposes, bear in mind you don’t have control where your new stones will respawn, and they’ll gradually recover only once per day, so be mindful when you’re souped up!

In the event you’d rather do away with your buffs, there happens to be a certain…ahem, “method” to flush it out; yes, I’m talking about using your local toilet. As described by Polygon, a little trip to the potty will drain your super-strength instantaneously , so maybe keep that in mind before you embark on a Mystery Island Tour; after all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally deprive yourself additional materials, would you?

Have any other questions on the basics of eating fruit? Let us know in the comments below!

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