How to Open Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who’s down for some serious shopping?
animal crossing: new horizons nook's cranny guide

Tom Nook’s Resident Services tent may be a handy resource center for shopping, development and crafting, but before long, us veteran Animal Crossing fans will undoubtedly desire a dedicated shopping place to spend our hard-earned Bells. Thankfully, Tom’s nephews in Timmy and Tommy are set to open up a familiar establishment in Nook’s Cranny — while this’ll take several days to construct, our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide below has the deets:

First off, Nook’s Cranny requires three prerequisites before construction: the payment of your first loan (5,000 Nook Miles), your home’s upgrade from tent to house, and the opening of Blathers’ museum tent. Once you’ve dispensed with all that, visit Resident Services and you’ll find Nook and Timmy discussing your future neighbors’ needs; naturally, it’s about time we opened up a shop, and Timmy’ll need your help to gathering the necessary materials! Chat up Nook’s nephew and observe the following checklist:

  • 30 Wood
  • 30 Lightwood
  • 30 Hardwood
  • 30 Iron Nuggets

Oh, dear — 120 individual materials? While it’s easier than it sounds, some players have found themselves impeded by one particular ingredient. Before beginning, know that Timmy requires all 30 specimens of each respective material gets handed in at once; this’ll certainly induce some strain on your inventory bag, so ensure you’ve upgraded your inventory via the Pocket Organization Guide before partaking upon this request.

Wood, Light Wood, and Hard Wood: By now, you should know from crafting experience there’s three types of wood — regular, light, and hard. All are harvested from any and all tree on your humble island, so forge a Stone Axe if you haven’t already and get to whacking! Remember that a) each tree yields only three pieces per day, and b) watch for wasp nets — while quick-footed players might snatch ’em up quickly with a handy bug net, any unfortunate victims can get patched up via medicine. (Only 800 bells at Timmy’s!). In the event your island’s run dry of harvest-able trees, remember you can embark on a Mystery Island Tour via one Nook Miles Ticket; in other words, you can visit another deserted island to stock up on more wood, so take care in completing daily Mile objectives as you’re scavenging for materials!

animal crossing: new horizons nook's cranny guide

Iron Nuggets: Hoo boy, this one gave even yours truly some trouble! As you may already know, these valuable materials can be mined from any one of the rocks littering your island, but depending how you utilized a certain new mechanic, you may find yourself deprived of any mining spots! See, eating fruit in this game grants your villager avatar temporary super-strength, and applying your shovel to unlucky rocks and trees will destroy them in one hit! While a handy landscaping tool, hasty players may’ve found themselves without any stones to mine from; thankfully, they gradually spawn back, but it bears repeating that you’ll want to hold off on the fruit-gorging for now.

Even then, you’ll want to ensure you’re properly excavating any and all materials from rocks; see, each rock hosts eight individual materials (often stones, clay, and your coveted iron nuggets), but all that’s subject to an invisible timer — once that’s gone, the rock’ll run dry. As it happens, smacking the rock with your shovel will induce recoil that’ll gradually distance your avatar, but that’s where the Hole Trick comes in: as seen above, just before dinging the stone, dig two holes behind your avatar, situate yourself between them, and start banging that rock! Should you have positioned yourself properly, you’ll gather all eight materials without a problem.

Should your rock supply run out, you’ll have to turn to other avenues — remember that you can always rely on Mystery Island Tours via Nook Miles, so you may want to multitask by completing daily Mile tasks to build up your currency. Your neighbors might give you an unexpected handful if you chat them up, and if you have a slingshot, you may find a stony gift from the sky via those mysterious floating presents! Perhaps your friends also playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons might lend a charitable hand? Leave no stone unturned!

animal crossing: new horizons nook's cranny guide

Once you’re all done, you won’t have to wait long — Nook’s Cranny will open for business the very next morning! We may cover the store itself in an additional guide, but veterans and newcomers alike will want to take heed of Hot Items (highlighted products can be sold for double the price! Take advantage of any and all craftable items), the Drop-Off Box (Plop in items after-hours and you’ll get paid the next day! You’ll have to pay a minor shipping fee, though), and unlimited stock in everything except for two showcased furniture (that’d be the two in the back). Enjoy your shopping sprees!

Have any additional questions regarding Nook’s Cranny? Let us know in the comments below!

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