How to Open a Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How about injecting some culture into this deserted island?
animal crossing new horizons museum guide

Been longing to display your island’s aquatic/insect ecosystem and Jurassic heritage for the world to see? You won’t have to wait long; indeed, Blathers’ museum is but your first step into developing your new tropical paradise, and dedicated hunting should render it open by the fourth day. Follow our guide below, and you’ll have it ready in no time!

First things first — have you been donating the island’s fauna to Tom Nook? The raccoon entrepreneur requests five specimens he’d like to introduce to a certain curator, so make do with your flimsy fishing rod/bug net and go hunting. Once you’re done, he’ll request Blathers to fly over and inspect your haul…but that’ll happen tomorrow; in the meantime, you’ll have to set up a proper location for the actual museum, so venture out and pick a suitable location. (Remember, you can use the “imagine” option to preview the final construction — this is a handy tool to discern if it’ll destroy any fruit trees/obscure fishing spots.)

animal crossing new horizons museum guide

Once Blathers arrives and dispenses with his long-winded speech, you’ll find yourself tasked with collecting fifteen more specimens; this time, however, fossils are included in the mix, so you’ll need a shovel. Thankfully, Blathers is kind enough to forward the DIY recipe over to your phone, so gather five pieces of hard wood if you haven’t and craft one up. (Or, if you have Bells to spare/are low on materials, you can simply waltz over to Resident Services and Timmy’ll be selling a Flimsy Shovel for 800 Bells.) Fifteen donations may sound like a lot, but it shouldn’t take that long — just remember to pace yourself so you don’t scare away the fish/insects and search vigilantly for X-shaped dirt patches in the ground that yield fossils. (By the way, this process ties into obtaining a vaulting pole you use to cross rivers — head over to that link to check out the DIY recipe!)

After a hard day’s work, Blathers will eagerly get to work on constructing your future museum; unfortunately, this’ll take a full day, so take care you don’t overwhelm your pockets with undonated fish/insects/fossils. (If you’re desperate, many players resorted to littering their islands with makeshift, temporary exhibits.) Once it’s open, do take the time to appreciate the fruits of your labor — even if it’s currently void of specimens, we’d like to think the set-up’s the coolest exhibit yet! (Sadly for veterans, art paintings are no longer showcased — perhaps they’ll arrive down the road as DLC?)

animal crossing new horizons museum guide

Have any further questions about the museum? Let us know in the comments below!

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