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Can I see the menu, please?

“If you understand the absolute joy that comes from sipping your favorite brew in a coffee shop window, listening to lo fi beats as you watch city lights twinkle while rain lightly falls from the heavens, you will immediately understand Coffee Talk. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste; those with refined palates will easily see how perfect Coffee Talk is — not too sweet, not too bitter — but a bold, refreshing experience that leaves players immensely satisfied until the very last drop.”

— Hey Poor Player Coffee Talk Review

Coffee Talk is a brilliant drinks-based listening/narrative that may give players VA-11 HALL-A vibes, and while it certainly looks the part, it’s as different as a cocktail is from a cappuccino. Set in a future fantasy world where races coexist, Coffee Talk provides slice-of-life snapshots of a few coffee-loving citizens, mired in their own problems, who need a listening ear and a cup of warmth to find the strength to carry on.

After playing through this lovely little gem ourselves, we realized how helpful a guide would be (especially when it comes to a certain patron who could stand to “chill out”), so we decided to make one. Here’s a full list of drinks to help you, brave barista, in navigating the world of coffee and fantasy.

Coffee Drinks

Coffee Talk Drinks List

  • Black Lemon: Coffee, Coffee, Lemon (warm, less cool, not sweet, very bitter)
    • “A perfect — if unlikely — combination of sour and bitter.”
  • Black Magic: Coffee, Mint, Honey (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Sweet, cool, and magically wakes you up.”
  • Coffee Latte: Coffee, Milk, Milk (warm, cool, not sweet, bitter)
    • “A caffeine boost dominated by milk.”
  • Cappuccino: Coffee, Coffee, Milk (warm, less cool, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Italian delight.”
  • Espresso: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (warm, not cold, not sweet, very bitter)
    • “Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself.”
  • Gingerbread Coffee: Coffee, Ginger, Cinnamon (warm, less cool, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Sweetened with brown sugar to satisfy the cookie monster.”
  • Ginger Latte: Coffee, Ginger, Milk (warm, not cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “Warm energy boost, perfect for a cold evening.”
  • Jahe Tubruk: Coffee, Coffee, Ginger (warm, not cold, not sweet, very bitter)
    • “Ginger presides over the ground coffee at the bottom of the cup; originally from Indonesia.”
  • Sugar And Spice: Coffee, Honey, Cinnamon (warm, not cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “Spicy, sweet, and natural bliss in a cup.”


Tea Drinks

  • Gala Had: Tea, Milk, Ginger (warm, cold, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Ginger chai latte, good to calm yet warm your nerves.”
  • Masala Chai: Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon (very warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Spiced tea from Southern Asia.”
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream: Tea, Lemon, Honey (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Sweet and memorable, like summertime blues.”
  • Russian Tea: Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Despite the name, it’s a totally American drink.”
  • Shai Adeni: Tea, Milk, Cinnamon (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Sweet spicy chai latte from the town of Aden, Yemen.”
  • Teh Tarik: Tea, Tea, Milk (warm, cool, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Tea with milk, mixed by pouring the two repeatedly between cups, originally from Malaysia.”


Green Tea Drinks

  • Cough Syrup: Green Tea, Lemon, Honey (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “A cure for a sore throat.”
  • Green Tea Latte: Green Tea, Milk, Milk (warm, cool, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Both sweet and savory, with a hint of bitterness for the heart.”
  • Marrakech: Green Tea, Mint, Mint (warm, cool, less sweet, bitter)
    • “Fresh and healthy drink from Morocco.”
  • Shin Genmaicha: Green Tea, Green Tea, Cinnamon (warm, not cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “A variation of the Japanese brew, mixing the brown rice with ginger.”
  • The Grinch: Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon (warm, not cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “Green, spicy, and not everyone’s cup of tea.”


Chocolate Drinks

  • Bitter Heart: Chocolate, Ginger, Cinnamon (warm, not cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “Shadows that will help you try to hide.”
  • Chocobee Miruku: Chocolate, Honey, Milk (not warm, less cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Sweet, nourishing, healthy, chocolate.”
  • Dark Chocolate: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate (not warm, cool, sweet, very bitter)
    • “A warm and calming darkness.”
  • Spanish Sahara: Chocolate, Milk, Ginger (warm, cold, not sweet, bitter)
    • “Warm and cozy, just like a day in Barcelona.”
  • Spiced Lady: Chocolate, Milk, Cinnamon (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “A British chocolate drink, extremely popular in the ’90s.”


Milk Drinks

  • Bedchamber: Milk, Cinnamon, Honey (warm, cool, sweet, not bitter)
    • “A cup for those longing for a deep slumber.”
  • Le Menthol: Milk, Mint, Lemon (warm, very cold, sweet, bitter)
    • “Sour and cool, with a hint of home.”
  • Lemony Snippet: Milk, Honey, Lemon (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “A fortunate tale in a cup.”
  • Milky Way: Milk, Honey, Mint (warm, cool, sweet, not bitter)
    • “Sweet and cool, like outer space.”
  • STMJ: Milk, Ginger, Honey (warm, cool, sweet, bitter)
    • “Warm booster made of susu (milk), telur (egg), madu (honey), and jahe (ginger); from Indonesia.”

My advice? Try unlocking these in Endless Mode before playing the storyline, and you’ll be in for a ride as smooth as a cup of coffee.


Heather Johnson Yu
Born at a very young age; self-made thousandaire. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Covered in cat hair. Probably the best sleeper in the world. Still haven't completed the civil war quest in Skyrim but I'm kind of okay with that. Too rad to be sad.

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