LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

This is it — home stretch. Hope you’ve been enjoying LUNA The Shadow Dust thus far; you’re almost to the top of the tower! I wonder what’s in store for the boy and the pet up there?

Level 15: The Library

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

That last puzzle was pretty time consuming; luckily, this one, full of charm and whimsy, shouldn’t take too long at all.

First, make the pet climb into the book and speak with the person on the top left side. You’ll find that they would like an even smaller book located somewhere within the cavernous library. There’s a character on the book they’re requesting, which makes it easier to remember; unfortunately, when you send boy out into the library to retrieve the book, he comes back with five different ones. It’s up to you to remember which book the person asked for and give them the correct one.

Do this four times and you’ll fill up the blank pages into something magical — including a door to what can only be described as another realm. By clicking on the floating books, the boy can create a passageway through the library and onto the next level.

NOTE: giving the wrong book unlocks an achievement, so be sure to do that at least once!

Level 16: The Master’s Room

LUNA The Shadow Dust

After that absolute magic transcending space, now we transcend time. Controlling the boy, use the hourglass to trigger the “time travel” event. A cutscene will occur showing the boy, in the sepia-toned past, stealing the lantern from his master’s room. He then opens the door and rushes upstairs.

Use the hourglass again to change it back to the present. Go upstairs with the pet, who should then jump up on the bed and pull down the flag, revealing a symbol combination which will be needed in the past (as seen in the above image).

Switch back to the boy and use the hourglass once more to go back to the past. Go upstairs with the boy, who should then use the symbol combination to lower the ladder on the outside of the second floor on the patio area.

Use the boy to go back downstairs, then use the hourglass for the last time to switch it back to the present. The boy and the pet are now able to use the ladder to climb to the next level.

Level 17: The Clock Tower

LUNA The Shadow Dust Clock

If I was a betting woman, I’d wager this is why you’re here — the clock tower. It’s stumped you, right? Don’t worry, it stumped me, too. That’s legitimately why I’m here writing this guide — to prevent people from losing hair and sleep over this practical curve ball at the end.

Without further ado…


  • Use the boy to push the stone gate to the side.
  • Switch to the pet, who should climb into the hole.
  • Use the boy to push the stone back in place, sealing off the pet’s exit.
  • The boy should then use the red switch to change between tracks.
    • There are four possible ones to choose from — my advice is to skip the first track and head right to the second as a starting point.

Here is where it gets tricky — the developer provided these images as to how the puzzle is to look when solved:

LUNA The Shadow Dust

If it doesn’t look that way for you when solved (it sure as hell didn’t for me — the raven was upside down and the clock DEFINITELY didn’t look like this), that’s okay. That’s why this guide is here.

After solving the puzzle, use the boy to remove the stone slab, then hit space to go back to the pet. At this point, you’ll have to solve the puzzle a second time — this time, it’ll need to look like the above image towards the right.

After that, let the pet leave the hollow area, then take a look to your right. You’ll notice two orbs and a lever — use the boy to click the furthest right orb, causing the candle on the right to be lit. Then make sure you tap the lever — you’ll notice some light coming from the top right of your screen. After that, make the boy and the pet head into the elevator on the left, and have the boy pull the lever in the elevator to make it ascend.


You’ll immediately notice a door to your left. Try it if you want, but you won’t get through — it’s locked, meaning you’ll have to go the long way round.

Ensuring that the light on the right side is lowered (this is why it was wise to pull that lever near the candles before heading up), use the pet and the boy to walk over to the white deity statue. You should see shadows cast onto the statue — use the pet to climb into the shadow near the floor, then onto the deity’s hand. Place the boy in between the window and the deity’s hand so the pet can use his shadow to climb up onto the window. Once there, the pet should remain in the window sill.

After that, use the boy and go back downstairs to the first floor. Using the orbs with the candles, ensure both lanterns are reeled up to the ceiling on the second floor. Once you’ve done that, make the boy go back up to the bell tower.

Back up on the second floor, use the boy to control the two switches in the middle of the room. These switches control the clock’s hands on the other side of the wall — press space bar to see the pet’s point of view. Back to the boy, the red switch on the side of the clock changes between the hour and the minute hand, and the switch in the middle adjusts the chosen hand by increments of five.

But what to set the time to?

Think back to the puzzle you did on the first floor. If you stayed behind to solve the puzzle a second time, you should see the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock face resting at 6:05.

Once you’ve adjusted the time to read 6:05 (ensure this is the case with pet’s point of view), the two puppets from deep inside the clock will emerge to form a passage for the pet. Have the pet drop down onto the area the puppets are standing on, then reach the door on the other side to unlock it.

Switch back to the boy and simply walk through the door.

Now — together — climb the ladder.

Level 18: The Wall

LUNA the shadow dust

Although this is the simplest “puzzle” out of the bunch, it’s perhaps my other favorite. It so easily demonstrates what’s happening at this point in the game, and instead of making it a simple cutscene to the end, the developers made the players take the last, long climb before completion. A legitimate perfect last puzzle.

Straightforward enough, but just in case — keep clicking the ladder to climb, but watch the animation on the faces to know when it’s safe to keep going and when it’s too windy to ascend. Every three or four steps ought to be good pacing, but just in case, keep an eye on that animation.

After you reach the top, push the boulder from the left to the right, then sit back, relax, and enjoy a much-deserved cutscene.

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

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