LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

Welcome back to the next phase of LUNA The Shadow Dust! We hope you’re enjoying the game as much as we did and that this guide has been helpful to you thus far.

Now, without further ado, let’s get cracking on the next level of LUNA The Shadow Dust!

Level 10: The Boy’s Room

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

After an adorable cutscene involving mice and cheese, players will find themselves in control of the pet only. Luckily, this level is pretty straightforward.

This level drives home the pet’s shadow form capabilities. Note that the lantern on the floor casts whimsical shadows across the room, and to get up to the ceiling, you’ll need to walk along the shadows to access it.

To do this, hit the bell on the lantern to start and stop the spinning shadows. Once you find a good position for the shadows on the wall (a bit of trial and error), the pet can jump from the bed to the pipe and across the shadows, reaching the roof beam. This will scare the mouse and, in the process, make it lose the cheese. The mouse on the floor will then take it, meaning they will stop casting their shadow on the wall.

Once again, find a good position for the shadows on the wall. The pet can jump from the bed to the pipe across further shadows, reaching the entrance of the narrow exit on the wall. This will cause the pet to fall into a dimly lit maze, and a cinematic will trigger.

Watching the cinematic clears a few things up that players may have already guessed — not only did the boy and the pet know each other from before the tower, the pet used to have a completely different form. What could have possibly happened to cause this transformation? Perhaps the dark power spreading across the world?

Answering questions begets more questions — only time will tell, and only climbing the tower will yield progress.

Level 11: The Islands

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

After a custscene involving a mouse and the boy, players take control of the boy only, who initially appears stranded on floating islands but, luckily, has a ship that sails across the stars. By interacting with the white mouse, players can access the boat.

To leave the floating islands and make your way back to the tower, change the stone symbols on each of the three islands to that of the big island. From there you can find a second boat and get back to the tower.

In order to make this work, the player needs to switch the color of the Star Machine’s chimneys from all-yellow to all-blue. Players need to go back to each of the three islands and change the
color of the switch, then come back to the big island at the end.

The second boat to the tower is then ready to use.

Players can then sit back and enjoy a captivating cinematic where the boy rushes back to the tower in the sky boat.

Level 12: The Boiler Room

LUNA The Shadow Dust walkthrough

Now that the boy and the pet are in the same room, the two can coordinate on puzzles again.

The boy can use the valve which controls the output of steam in the maze. He also has access to another valve that switches between two steam pipes to let the pet pass through. Within the maze, the pet can jump on the steam, utilizing it as a makeshift ladder for higher levels (this is a pretty straightforward process so we’ll spare the words on this section to get you prepped for the next few levels).

The boy and the pet will then able to meet in the loft at the top of the ladder, and a touching cinematic will trigger once both reach the area.

Level 13: The Chapel

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

Reunited and it feels so good! Together again, the duo can now solve puzzles side-by-side, which is perfect because the chapel requires their cooperation to proceed.

First, send your animal companion to the other side of the wall through the crack on the left. By floating near each deity in the sky, the pet will reveal their symbol and related insignia.

Back in the chapel, the boy should be able to match the display of the glass window with the same symbol and related insignia for each deity by using the two buttons on the console in the center. After matching all four (indicated by the circular windows up top), the door with open, and the boy and pet may proceed.

Level 14: The Garden

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

Of all the puzzles featured in the game, this one is perhaps my most favorite and certainly one of the most time consuming.

First, players will notice they’re in a single room with one door, which is different from a lot of the previous puzzles. As it would turn out, touching the orb in the hallway changes the seasons; what appears to be one door is actually many, and it will require a year-long effort to solve this puzzle.

Of note: when the boy and the pet enter the garden during different seasons, they can still see each other, but one will appear as stone to the other. This definitely comes in handy during this level!

It’s perhaps easiest to lay out the steps like so:


  • Use the boy to change the season to Autumn.
  • Make the pet walk into the garden. There will be a boulder with two small rocks next to it. Have the pet stand on one of these rocks.
  • Use the boy to change the season to Spring.
  • Make the boy walk into the garden. Have him step on the other rock next to the boulder. This will cause a bee to pollinate the tree, which will then bud.


  • Make the boy leave the garden and use him to change the season to Summer.
  • Make the boy walk into the garden.
  • Change back to the pet and have the pet walk over to the water pump, standing right under the pump and next to the well.
  • Change back to the boy, who should be able to stand on top of the stone pet to access the water.
  • Water the tree using the pump (keep pumping until you get an achievement + water the tree). The tree will grow and seed.


  • Make the boy leave the garden.
  • Change the season to Winter, then move the boy in front of the tree’s trunk.
  • Switch back to the pet, who should still be in Autumn.
  • The pet can use the boy to climb up the tree to scare away the birds. The tree will bear fruit.


  • Change back to the boy, who should be in Winter.
  • Watch as the seed falls from the tree.
  • The boy should kick the seed back into the hallway.
  • Boy and pet should leave the garden and go back into the room.

Once both pet and boy are in the room, put the seed in the hole that appears in the doorway itself (you’ll need to change it a few times with the orb) to unlock the path to the next level.


I think that’s a great place for a pagebreak, don’t you? Onto the next page for the last round of puzzles!

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