LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

How are you enjoying LUNA The Shadow Dust so far? Isn’t it beautiful? We love a good point and click puzzler, and LUNA The Shadow Dust definitely fits the bill!

We left off on the last page on the docks after finding our new animal companion; the puzzles have been enjoyable so far, but here’s where they start to get a little more challenging. Keep climbing — don’t stop — and, with our help, you’ll get to the top in no time.

Level 6: The Cellar

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

There’s very clearly a door here, but, try as you might, you can’t get it to budge. Seems like it’s barred from the outside. If only someone small enough could fit through that tiny window in the top right corner of the screen…

…wait, you totally can! Or, rather, your animal companion can. Here’s how:

Using the boy, push the basket all the way to the right so that the pet can climb on top of the tank. Once the pet is there, continue pushing the basket towards the end of the chute (pictured above).

Remember how I said the levers were a little bit tricky to see? Hopefully you can spot both of them on your screen — there’s an actual lever and a round valve here for the boy to use by clicking. First, use the round valve to turn the L-shaped pipe towards the right, then click the lever to make water fill up inside of the tank.

Then, use the round valve to turn the L-shaped pipe towards the left, and click the lever to turn on the machine.

As soon as you do this, click on the pet — timing is key here — because you’ll need to jump on the top of the machine’s “T bar” when it’s low enough to reach. This might take a try or two to get the timing right if you’re not prepared, but luckily there’s no penalty for practicing.

Once on the bar, click on the boy, then use the round valve to turn the L-shaped pipe towards the right again, allowing the pet to jump onto it and reach the window.

The pet can then drop down to the floor (to do this, click on the floor) and remove the wooden plank by hitting it with its head from underneath.

After that, hit space bar to go back to the boy and simply walk out the door, joining your animal companion to ascend to the next level.

Level 7: The Kitchen

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

This is the puzzle that will really help solidify those controls when it comes to switching back and forth between pet and boy.

First, click on the pet and make them jump onto the air pump next to the cauldron. You’ll only need to do this once, but by doing so, you’ll light a fire in the pot and get that water boiling.

Those with a keen eye will notice a piece of paper hanging on the fireplace and see that peppers, which create heat, are first on the list. Using the somewhat hard to spot handle next to the air pump, the boy can click it to make the basket above the cauldron go up into the ceiling, then come back down with either peppers, mushrooms or fish. Again, since peppers are first on the list, we’ll need to use those; cycle through til you get them, then click that red button on the right of the cauldron.

This will cause the peppers in the pot to cook, and food will be spat out into the dish on the table. The mouse will greedily consume it, then get so full that he grows dramatically in size to the point where he falls off the table. At this point, the boy can push the enlarged mouse towards the left side of the screen; here, you will find a door covered by a large green vine.

Once the mouse is as far over left as possible, use the pet to climb down from the air pump onto the stool next to it. The pet can then jump onto the shelves next to the stool, then directly on top of the full-to-bursting mouse. The mouse, full of peppers, will release fire onto the vine, causing it to burst into flames. The mouse will then shrink and run back to his starting point on the top of the table.

Repeat this process with the fish, then the mushrooms, to finally destroy the vine blocking the door so that you both may proceed.

Level 8: The Music Room

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

One of the loveliest rooms in the entire tower, the music room is certainly able to lift any player’s spirits from the cellar and the kitchen upwards and onwards.

First, walk over to the locked exit door and click on the handle. You’ll hear the puzzle’s melody played by the birds painted on the mural. Once you get the tune down, use the boy to change the bird on the organ to match the bird on the wall. Once you have the right one, switch to the pet to jump up onto the organ’s seat. This will cause the pet to be sucked up into the organ, then spit out with a copycat (literally) who can sing the corresponding note on the wall.

Note that the only visual difference between these songbird clones is that they’re missing the decor on their chest (just underneath their faces), so you’ll be able to tell at a glance which one’s the real deal and which are there to sing their hearts out. By placing the correct notes (pets) in the correct order (on the little cushions), a lovely song will play and the door will unlock.

The correct order is (from left to right): 1764534

Sticking around to listen to the whole melody will unlock an achievement, so be sure to hear the entire song before turning tail.

Level 9: The Specimen Room

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

If the kitchen even remotely hinted about the importance of timing, the specimen room absolutely drives it home. This might take a try or two to nail perfectly, but practice makes perfect and you’ll certainly be able to pull off these tricky jumps in no time.

First, we’re introduced to pet’s shadow form — our animal companion, as it would turn out, has more tricks up his sleeve than just cloning. By jumping up on shadow ledges, our animal companion can turn into a shadow himself, enabling him to access new places.

In order to get there, we need to take control of the boy, who should walk over to the far right side of the room and pull the rope tied to the unicorn horn to open the door. This will cause the lantern above to drop to the ground and shatter. Still using the boy, investigate the lantern, and he’ll soon find a way to have it lit up and illuminating the room.

Of course, when one lights a candle, a shadow is created; shadows are thrown across the room in every which way. Click on the pet to take control of him, then make him climb up the ladder (it’s too fragile to hold the boy’s weight). This will allow pet to turn into their shadow form, meaning they can dance on top of the shadows to get from the left of the screen to the right.

Click on boy again to move him in between the first two blocks of drawers. From here, the shadow pet can jump on the boy’s shadow first, then jump onto the second block of shadows.

Next, move quickly with the boy to close the first drawer, then the second, moving the pet in the process. If the boy moves fast enough, the pet will avoid the shadow crow.

Once again, move the boy into the gap between the two blocks. Take control of the pet to move them across the gap (using the boy’s shadow) to block three.

On block three, the drawer of thorns and the crow drawer are interlinked, meaning if you close the thorn drawer, the crow drawer IMMEDIATELY opens, so timing is critical here. Once you close the drawer of thorns, switch quickly to the pet (by clicking on it or pressing SPACE), and jump on the higher shadow block to avoid the shadow crow’s attack. Without stopping, the pet can quickly jump forward and land on the top of the unicorn horn. Again, timing is key here, as the shadow crow will reappear and change its route to aim at the pet this time, so it’s crucial that there’s no waiting in between jumps.

The door will then open, and both boy and pet can walk free.

NOTE: as mentioned above, timing and precision are the keys to this level. Once the pet falls, players have to start from the beginning. We strongly suggest using SPACE to switch between the characters. Additionally, there’s no shame in try, trying again. You got this!

Upon exiting the room, a cinematic will occur featuring an attack by an unknown dark power. The boy and the pet are now separated and must find a way back to each other.

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