LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

May this guide light your way through the shadows

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

LUNA The Shadow Dust revolves around a young boy, his loyal companion, and a mysterious tower, which unfolds over time as the duo uncover its secrets. By working together, the pair crawl through vents, unlock doors, compose music, dance with shadows, and even travel through space and time in order to make it to the top of the tower. Only there can they realize their goal and right the wrongs they’ve wrought upon the land.”

— Hey Poor Player’s LUNA The Shadow Dust Review

LUNA The Shadow Dust is a glorious point-and-click puzzle adventure with beautifully hand-crafted illustrations and a heavenly score to match; where the aesthetics delighted, the puzzles provided challenge, some frustrating enough to bring our reviewer to the verge of tears.

Luckily, we’ve already climbed to the top of the tower, navigating through the labyrinthine vertical maze and solving each puzzle along the way. Here’s how we battled our way through darkness, danced with the shadows, and restored light to the world.

Introduction: Outside

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

After the opening cinematic where the boy falls gently from the sky, players will gain control in a desolate landscape. Walk towards the right of the screen until you come upon a thorn with the shadow of a bird. It will scare off the light following you, so you won’t be able to proceed until this shadow is gone. To defeat it, simply kick the thorn, which will scare the shadow crow and allow the light to continue following you.

After that, you’ll come across a door. Click to interact with it and the light will flow into the empty lantern, allowing the tower to reveal itself.

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough

Once the cinematic finishes, click the door to enter the tower.

Level 1: The Grand Hall

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough
The first puzzle is by far the easiest — and hardly a true puzzle in comparison to what lay ahead. To proceed to the next room, simply stand underneath each section of the mural without moving, allowing the color to fill in completely. There is an order to it, but by simple trial and error it can be solved in seconds. When all four sections are filled in, the fifth section of the mural will automatically complete itself, revealing a breathtaking work of art. The door will then open, and the boy can proceed.

Level 2: The Clock Room

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough
The clock room introduces the lever mechanic. These can be a little hard to spot, so get used to scanning each room with fine-toothed comb from here on out; luckily for us, this one is in plain sight near the exit door. Walk over to it and activate it, causing a lantern to lower from the ceiling to the middle of the room.

Interacting with that lantern will reveal the true nature of the window above the exit door — instead of a normal window pane, it’s actually stained glass, and colorful at that. Note the order of the colors — red, yellow, and blue — to solve the puzzle. By clicking on the orb inside the rabbit and the cat to match their respective colors (rabbit – red, cat – blue), the exit door will unlock and the boy can proceed. Worth mentioning that the clock is already yellow, so no need to stand on tip toes trying to access the clock face.

Level 3: The Moon Painting Room

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough
How you feeling so far? Good? Easy breezy? Awesome, because here’s where things start to get a little tricky. First, I’d like to draw your attention to the four paintings above the fireplace. You’ll recognize that they all have three things in common with each other: first, the candles above them. Second, they’re all rabbits looking left or right, and third, they all have moons featured in the image.

Next, take a look at the windows above each door. You’ll notice there’s a circle right in the middle of each. At first glance, there’s nothing connecting all these things together, but that’s the beauty of this puzzle — it’s a subtle one. The circles in the door correspond to a phase of the moon featured in one of the paintings, and all of this changes once you exit — then magically re-enter — the room.

To use the full moon as an example, find the rabbit painting with the full moon, then take a look at the way the rabbit is pointing or facing. In the above image, the full moon rabbit is facing left, so players will need to make the boy walk through the left door (the one he entered). This will make a candle light up above the full moon image and the glass above the doors will reset into a different moon phase. Do this four times and you’ll light up each candle and unlock the exit; mess up once and you’ll have to start over again.

Level 4: The Balcony

LUNA the shadow dust walkthroughOh, what’s this?

Click on the rubble to discover a small creature companion. After watching the cinematic, players learn that they can control two characters — by pressing the space bar or by clicking on the character they’d like to control. There’s also the option of clicking on the character’s faces in the top right corner of the screen. So many possibilities to solve so many puzzles, and now there’s a team tackling them together.

Level 5: The Dock

LUNA the shadow dust walkthrough
Of course, a daring duo needs to stick together, meaning progressing from one level to the next can’t happen if the pair aren’t side by side. Luckily, each character has their strengths — the boy can push large objects, while the animal companion can fit into smaller areas. By working together, they’ll figure out how to climb the tower and defeat the darkness once and for all.

But first, they need to climb this ladder.

The fastest way to do this is to click on the animal companion and have them jump on the rock on the left side of the screen. In the meantime, have the boy push the box towards the rock the pet is now on. Once the box and the rock are right next to each other, click the pet and have them jump onto the box. Then, make the boy push the box with the pet on top towards the ladder. The boy can then climb up onto the box without assistance, and the two can ascend the ladder together.

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