Six More Characters Revealed For Azur Lane: Crosswave

IFI showcases characters from the Eagle Union, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood.

Azur Lane: Crosswave

With Azur Lane: Crosswave poised to set sail next month on the PlayStation 4 and Steam, Idea Factory International has revealed several more of the shipgirls you’ll be commandeering during your time with the game.

This update introduces six characters from three of the four different military nations featured in the game: Kaga and Kongou of the Sakura Empire, Cleveland, Saratoga, and Atlanta from the Eagle Union, and Admiral Hipper of Iron Blood.

Check out their bios below courtesy of IFI:



“A former member of the Royal Navy who is currently associated with the Sakura Empire. She acts like a member of the Royal Navy, but her caring nature is more in line with the nature of the Sakura Empire. Her accolades have given her the job of acting as the receptionist for the Joint Military Exercise, while also granting her the privilege of participating in the event with Yamashiro. She is doing her very best with her protégées to make the event a success.”



“Kaga sees Akagi as her older sister, despite being as strong as her. She’s usually friendly, but often acts as a counter to Akagi’s tendency to going a little wild. That said, their temperaments in battle are similar. She may sound cold at times, but she is a very compassionate individual and has earned the respect of many.”



“A core member of the Eagle Union. She’s the eldest of a group of particularly interesting sisters. Her openness causes people to see her as tomboyish. She spends her time tending to her bonsai. The reason she decided to take part in the Joint Military Exercise was because she heard that whoever was chosen as the MVP will receive a special bonus at the end of the event.”



“Lexington’s younger sister who is trying to carve her way as an upcoming idol. Though her frame is small and cute, she holds an undeniable power, like the aircraft carrier she is named after. She’s down-to-earth, but she does have a knack for teasing others. It isn’t unusual for Lexington to catch her in the midst of it… a scolding will ensure, of course. She just can’t get away from her older sister. Even still, she’s always running off and indulging herself in her usual pranks. As to how her mischief will fare this time…? Nobody knows…”



“As a member of the Eagle Union, Atlanta is the eldest of the Atlanta-class cruisers, and the older sister of San Diego. Compared to her other younger sisters, Atlanta is more grounded, and is constantly trying to mend matters caused by her younger sisters’ randomness. She tries to keep her place as an older sister, but sometimes she misses the mark in doing so. She decides to follow San Diego after hearing that she’s going to participate in the Joint Military Exercise.”


Admiral Hipper

“An elite of the Iron Blood, and older sister to Prinz Eugen. She’s similar, yet distinctly different from Prinz Eugen in that she acts irritated in front of those that interest her… a typical tsundere. Hipper doesn’t enjoy that Eugen knows this facet of her so well, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get along. Hipper was invited to the Joint Military Exercise as support. At first glance, it seems like she didn’t want to participate, but in truth, she’s excited to meet Eugen and the others.”

Azur Lane: Crosswave is currently slated to release in February 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The PS4 version will be available both at retail and digitally through the PlayStation Store.

More details on this upcoming shipgirl showdown can be found at the official Azur Lane: Crosswave site.



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