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HPP Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download for 12/31/20

Put 2020 To Rest With Nintendo Download Well guys, it’s almost time. Time for the final boss that is 2020 to get defeated by the drop of a glowing ball. Yes, NYE is nigh, which means that this insane year is nearly done. I have some mixed feelings though.…

Former Flash Game Developers Reflect on the Program During Its Final Hours

The end of an era I speak for many millennials when I say that Flash was a pretty big part of our youth. The days before YouTube were spent browsing Newgrounds, Homestarrunner, Neopets, or other random sites for the latest funny Flash games or videos powered by the program…

Guilty Gear -Strive- Brings Anji Mito to the Roster

Once More Into the Ring I admit to not being well versed in the Guilty Gear series yet. But that’s only cause I’m not amazing at fighting games. That said, I’ve always been entranced by the visual style of the series published by Arc System Works. Not only is…

Sense Brings Cyberpunk Horror to Switch Next January

Get Those Cybernetic Eyeballs Calibrated I have a not so secret soft spot for horror games. It doesn’t really make sense, since I typically get terrified and stop playing many of them halfway through. But nevertheless, I’m drawn to spooky games. Especially when they feature great artwork and a…

Chair Fucking Simulator

After I was assigned the onanistic opus Wanking Simulator to review, I often wondered if I would ever be assigned to review something quite so profoundly prestigious ever again. Recently though, I was given something with even more gravitas to appraise: Chair Fucking Simulator. 

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Defender of the Daleks Review

HPP reviews Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Defender of the Daleks. A compelling and well written comic full of heart and mischief.

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