Monthly Archives: December 2019

one piece volume 92 review

One Piece Vol. 92 Review

Ninpo! Once again, I’m compelled to highlight further artistic ingenuity courtesy of One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. I don’t recall if we’ve previously touched upon the graphic novels’ SBS Corner — the Q&A section where Oda shares delectable background lore all the while publicly channeling his embarrassing inner pervert…
pt silent hills

Modder Discovers Previously Unseen P.T. Content, Explores World of ‘Silent Hills’

There’s no place like home Years after its cancellation, Silent Hills continues to be the scariest horror game we’ve never played — or at least the most fascinating one — and it’s all thanks to the legendary, now infamous playable teaser, P.T. A game in its own right, P.T. may…
Wanna Survive

Wanna Survive Review (PC)

It’s your turn to survive the zombie-apocalypse It’s hard to keep the zombie genre down — just when you think you’ve seen the last of it, another game crawls out of the woodworks, demanding your attention. I opened up the month with a zombie dating dungeon-crawler, and it seems…
vampire the masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York Review (PC)

Embrace fate Take a look at your life right now. Are you stuck in a soul-crushing 9 to 5 job? Climbing a career ladder to nowhere? Wandering aimlessly throughout life with no real friends or family? A literal wage slave — maintaining your body so you can transport it…
a tropical fish yearns for snow volume 1 review

A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow Vol. 1 Review

Harold, they’re lesbians. Think back to your awkward teenage years for a moment, and ask yourself: what drove your crippling anxiety? Starting school in an unfamiliar city, away from all your old friends? Being idolized as the perfect student, donning a smiling facade as you shoot down lovelorn admirers…
epic games

Epic Games Store is Giving Away a Dozen Free Games For 12 Days of Christmas

’tis the season to be playing Epic Games’ 12 Days of Christmas game giveaway has started today, December 19, with the first free game being Into The Breach by FTL developer Subset Games. The company is also offering a $10 coupon to use on any games $14.99 or above (or…

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