Koei Tecmo Details Officer Creation and New Traits In Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

Developer diary with producer Kazuhiro Echigoya digs deep into Romance of the Three Kingdom’s XIV’s complex mechanics.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV


Koei Tecmo America today detailed some of the gameplay mechanics for the long-awaited strategy title Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV.

While the game will put 1,000 unique officers at players’ disposal to help guide them to glory. However, those looking for a bit more customization in their conquest can also create officers from the ground up by editing things like their appearance, list of abilities, and names, even down to their political ideologies and preferred battlefield formations.

If you don’t feel like making your officers from scratch, no worries, you can also enlist officers with the “Insightful” or “Recruiter” traits to actively seek out officers to meet specific specializations. In addition to scouting out fresh recruits, officers who specialize in the “Heroic,” “Duelist,” and “Vigorous” traits can initiate duels against enemy officers. These battles are automated, and those who possess the “Duelist” and “Vigorous” abilities receive an advantage.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

Only the noblest of heroes have the ability to strengthen fish.


When an officer is defeated, he could be captured by the enemy, wounded, or, worse yet, meet an untimely demise. If this happens, the units in his army will suffer a severe blow to their morale. And, if their confidence falls to zero, the group is obliterated, so making proper use of the “Heroic,” “Duelist,” and “Vigorous” can be extremely important.

As your campaign progresses and you start to occupy enemy cities, the imperial court will bestow a “Royal Rank” upon your officers. This rank offers bonuses from adding to the number of commands that general can perform during diplomacy or the ability to set the timing to trigger optional tactics to your forces. When an officer achieves the Royal Rank of “Duke” or higher, targets can be assigned by province. Additionally, you can order campaigns to strike district units across multiple bases.

Standard marches in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV require you to issue an order for each unit. However, campaigns allow all troops to follow a specific command, which seems like a welcome addition that would help reduce some of the micromanagement in what is sure to be yet another exceptionally deep strategy title.

Koei Tecmo also detailed a few other traits including, “Abundant Harvest,” which helps bolster your income, “Divination,” which helps ward off disasters such as swarms of locusts and devastating plagues. Lastly, officers who possess the “Reckless” or “Irritable” traits are strong but don’t always do as instructed.

For a more in-depth look at the game in action with producer Kazuhiro Echigoya, check out the latest developer diary below:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV launches on February 28, 2020, for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.


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