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mario and sonic at the olympic games tokyo 2020 review

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Review (Switch)

Let the games begin! My Tokyo Olympic adventures over the past month have proven quite vindicating: I’ve jumped hurdles with Yoshi, rode horses with Knuckles, tackled Mario and Sonic in rugby matches, and yes, played table tennis with Shadow the Hedgehog. It is one thing, perhaps, to juxtapose the…

I Have Low Stats But My Class Is “Leader”, So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord Review (PC)

Self-explanatory I’ll be honest, I had to think about this one for a really, really, really long time. There are some games that strike you as meme or joke games, right? Everyone saw Untitled Goose Game and had a good laugh about it, but it is genuinely a great…
Guilty Gear 2020 | Potemkin closeup

Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin Coming to New Guilty Gear

Also the first look at gameplay from the early demo to be at ArcRevo America. During simultaneous English and Japanese livestreams, Arc System Works showed off a new trailer for the upcoming Guilty Gear game, revealing two new characters: Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin. You can see the trailer here:…
polyroll title

Polyroll Review (PC)

We’re on a Polyroll here, folks! When most people think of Sonic The Hedgehog, the first thing that comes to mind is ridiculous manimal drama speed. But there were a few other aspects to the character’s original moveset, including his spin attack and rolling ability. What if you shifted the…

EX-Halo Devs’ PSVR Release ‘Golem’ Gets Slight Delay

Gargantuan PSVR release Golem’s digital launch lumbers to November 15 in Europe, November 19 in North America. Retail version makes its way to North America on November 22.   Those hoping to get their grubby mitts on the long-anticipated PSVR title Golem will have to wait just a bit…

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout Review (Switch)

Shining Brightly in the Darkness     I knew two primary things about Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout before going into it. The first was that GUST really seemed to be pushing this game more than usual, most likely due to their claims of having overhauled…

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