Pixzilla Preview

I’m the baaaaaaaaaad guy (duh)

The world of mobile gaming is an interesting one.

Mobile games are so hit or miss, and since few outlets really cover mobile games, it’s hard to pick out the rare gems without downloading them yourself, investing time, money, and energy at the risk of being duped into a cash grab. Which is a real shame because there are some great little titles out there fully worthy and deserving of attention.

Like, for example, Pixzilla.

Currently being developed by Twisted Fingers, Pixzilla follows the story of a professor and his giant robot smashing up Techno City (as one does upon receiving tenure). This delightful little side-scrolling shoot-em-up will soon be fully available for Android and iOS with a launch price of $.99 USD and is sure to delight all audiences — young and old, casual and hardcore.

Players learn quickly that tapping on the left side of the screen — behind our metallic main — will cause the robot to jump, while tapping on the right — ahead of the robot — will shoot beams of light from one of many available weapons to choose from. Of course, the weapons aren’t free; players must collect coins as they wreak havoc through Techno City and trade those for professor-grade instruments of war.

Players will need to defeat baddies (or at least avoid them) by shooting them or jumping over them. Failing to do so will cause our destructive friend to lose health, and it only takes a few hits before he’s down for the count. As each level has different missions to achieve, such as walking a certain distance or defeating a given number of certain enemies, Pixzilla stays interesting and ups the challenge gradually, easing players into the game without getting too stale. What a feat for a mobile game!

In terms of a storyline, there really isn’t much of one in Pixzilla — just select a level in the form of an overworld map and you’ll automatically start walking. The professor wants his ambulatory automaton to destroy as many enemies as possible, which at first was confusing — I hopped over as many cars, fire trucks, and ambulances as possible to avoid civilians while looking for bad guys to show up. When none did, it hit me Billie Eilish-style — I’M the baaaaaaaaaaad guy (duh).

In an instant, Pixzilla came together for me — I’m a giant robot invading Techno City at the whim of a seemingly evil professor, destroying anyone in my path, civilian or soldier.


It seems weird that I didn’t pick that up (I mean, it’s called Pixzilla — emphasis on *zilla*), but the translated text seems ever-so-slightly off. It conveys the message after a second take, but only contextually so. With that being said, that’s only one small strike against an otherwise delightful game.

In terms of aesthetics, the graphics are full of pixelated charm and the music will awaken something deep within fans of the S/NES eras while still appealing to young gamers. As I was playing, I really felt like this was the kind of game I could see a parent and child enjoying together, sharing a love for something new, yet familiar, with mechanics that were easy enough to pick up but hard to master. What a treat!

Rarely do we find supremely satisfying mobile games — to me, they often feel like time wasters rather than something to invest in — but Pixzilla is a breath of fresh air. For $.99, this ad-free shoot-em-up that could have very well graced the NES is an absolute steal and definitely belongs on your mobile device. If you want a great mobile game to keep you and the family occupied for months to come, be on the lookout for Pixzilla, launching soon on iOS and Android.

Heather Johnson Yu
Born at a very young age; self-made thousandaire. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Covered in cat hair. Probably the best sleeper in the world. Still haven't completed the civil war quest in Skyrim but I'm kind of okay with that. Too rad to be sad.

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