Dispel Dice Debut Collection Kickstarter Fully Funded in 2 Minutes, Reaches $1 Million Within 7 Hours

“What the…”

Self-professed “fledgling dicemaker” Dispel Dice, headed by Angeleno Karen Wang, made their Kickstarter debut on Wednesday, setting their initial goal at $20,000 USD.

They met that goal in a mere two minutes.

dispel dice kickstarter

The project, announced at 9:01 AM PST, reached its $20,000 goal by 9:03 AM PST, much to the surprise of the now fully-funded dicemakers.

Dispel Dice was overwhelmed by the reaction, having a hard time keeping up with the tsunami-like wave of support from devoted dice fans.

The team could barely keep up with announcing all the unlocked stretch goals (glorious dice set after glorious dice set), with Wang eventually having to go lie down from all the excitement.

After taking a look at the dice offered, it’s easy to see why the literal mountain of support exists for these artisans — their iridescent colors give the look of shimmering, swirling magic, which is absolutely perfect for anyone’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

The sets come with equally beautiful names, such as “Lilac Song”, “Sapphire Night”, and “Amethyst Skies”.

Absolutely stunning!

In addition to dice, the small studio offers absolutely beautiful pins, which the team uses to creatively add fuel to the “please do not eat the dice” joke fire.

dispel dice pins

Turns out there’s enough people who ask if they can eat the dice, which the company strongly insists you do not do under any circumstances.

Wang shared the reason for getting into the dice game on the Kickstarter page:

“Friends got me into tabletop gaming just recently, and it helped me build a life with a sense of community and as cheesy as it sounds, gave me somewhere to belong. As a way to contribute back to the fandom creatively, I started Dispel Dice. The dice I wanted to use just… didn’t exist. If I wanted the kind of dice I was imagining, I realized I should try making them myself. This (somewhat obsessive) hobby slowly turned into what Dispel Dice has become today. Since then, it’s grown more than I could have possibly imagined, it went from a hobby to a full-blown company reaching its inception with a fairly notable following before our crowdfunding campaign has even kicked off.”

And, as of 3:36 PM PST, this hobby-turned-company is definitely celebrating, as they hit $1,000,000 in funding after only 6 hours and 34 minutes.

With 8,178 backers, that’s an average of $122 per backer. How generous!

If you’re interested in picking up a set of magical dice for yourself, check out the Kickstarter campaign before it ends on December 8, 2019, or head on over to their website.

Congrats, Dispel Dice!

Heather Johnson Yu
Born at a very young age; self-made thousandaire. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Covered in cat hair. Probably the best sleeper in the world. Still haven't completed the civil war quest in Skyrim but I'm kind of okay with that. Too rad to be sad.

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