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Don’t Die, Minerva! Preview

Too cute to spook Christmas may be just around the corner, but Xaviant Games, developer and publisher of Don’t Die, Minerva! say it’s still spooky season. Haunting PC players on December 5, Don’t Die, Minerva! is a polished little rogue-lite and is definitely more than meets the eye. With procedurally-generated dungeons filled with…

Still There Review (Switch)

In space no one can hear you grieve For a game set in outer space, Still There has quite the immersive atmosphere. Developed by GhostShark and published by Iceberg Interactive, Still There is best described on the game’s Steam page as “a story-driven psychological adventure game about lingering grief, technical puzzles, wacky…

Pixzilla Preview

I’m the baaaaaaaaaad guy (duh) The world of mobile gaming is an interesting one. Mobile games are so hit or miss, and since few outlets really cover mobile games, it’s hard to pick out the rare gems without downloading them yourself, investing time, money, and energy at the risk…

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Review (PC)

This Sure Isn’t Heavenly Host     Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is in a rather curious predicament in that, much like its own name, I’m not even sure if it’s alive at this point. I know that that might sound a little harsh, but I promise that I didn’t…

Valve’s Steam Controller is $5 Right Now

Sale ends December 3 The Steam controller, which usually goes for $49.99 USD, is on sale for 90% off this Black Friday season for the extremely low cost of $5.00 USD. Due to abnormally high order volume, delivery estimates are between 4 – 8 business days, and the store…

My Friend Pedro Review (Switch)

Bananas Foster Brutality     My health was dangerously low. In the elevator shaft above me, four thugs clutching automatic weapons waited for me to make my ascent. With no cover to protect my fleshy bits from their imminent volley of hot lead, things weren’t looking good. That is…

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