Someone Bought Fallout 76’s ‘Fallout First’ Web Domain And The Results Are Glorious

The Fallout First Dumpster Fire Saga Continues

It’s been a bad week for Bethesda.

After having the audacity to charge $12.99 per month/$99.99 per year for a premium subscription in its bug-riddled game, Fallout 76, it should therefore come as no surprise that those who buy into it will face a new set of bugs, including complete inventory deletion, private servers not being so private, and a slew of other laughable issues.

Of course, it’s not only the dev team that’s up to its eyeballs in troubles — now the marketing department is in for a treat, as a disgruntled gamer has taken it upon themselves to add fuel to this self-burning dumpster fire by purchasing the overlooked “fallout first” web domain.

Visitors to the site will bear witness to the glory that is the sentiment gamers feel about the service summed up right in the first paragraph:

“Ever since Fallout 76 launched, we have consistently done nothing to improve and evolve the experience based on your shitty feedback. That’s why we’re excited to launch Fallout FUCK YOU 1st, a premium ass pounding membership that offers something dumbass players have been asking for since before launch: private worlds for you and select idio- *cough* … friends. So we decided to put it behind a paywall! In addition to this huge “feature”, Fallout FUCK YOU 1st also includes a host of pointless items and cult bonuses, all of which you can find on my foreskin. And the best part? Fallout FUCK YOU 1st is available to screw you right now.”

For those keeping score at home, the Fallout First issue highlights are as follows:

  • The new tent causes crashes to desktop.
  • Glitch causes scrapboxes to delete all of your items in there.
  • Scrapboxes aren’t like stashes (in the sense that you can’t access your scrapbox inventory from any scrapbox like you can access your stash from any stash box).
  • Damage resistance is bugged, endgame armor is not registered, and low level NPCs can wreck you.
  • Private world owners can’t prevent people from their friends list from joining them and the owner can’t kick them. You don’t have any control whatsoever in your “private” world.
  • People are finding looted things and dead NPCs in their private worlds. That means that Bethesda is just directing “used” servers to their VIP players.
    • This is the equivalent of a hotel not cleaning a room before letting you go in it. Also, that means that they’re not spending any extra resources to make those servers, but they’re charging as if they were.


Visit the site here.

Heather Johnson
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