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Aggelos Review (PS4)

Not Another Metroidvania There’s something to be said for learning from the past, but is it a good idea to try and recreate it wholesale? The developers of Aggelos apparently thought so, as their classic 16-bit styled Metroidvania is thoroughly reverent of the classics. Reverence, sadly, doesn’t really lend…

Under Night In-Brith Exe:Late[cl-r] Announced For Switch And PS4

 Under Night In-Brith Exe:Late to introduce a new character, nearly 1,000 tweaks and updates to French Bread’s fighter.   If you’re a fan of anime-style fighting games then you’re in for a treat. Arc System Works and UK-based publisher PQube announced in a press release today that Under Night In-Brith…

Nintendo Direct: Trials of Mana Release Date Confirmed

Trials of Mana breathes new life into Squaresoft’s classic adventure next April.     Square Enix has been hard at work of bringing their 3D remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 to life since it was announced earlier this Summer. Now we finally know when we’ll be able to get our…
Blair Witch

Blair Witch Review (PC)

Lost in the Woods   20 years, guys! It’s been 20 years since the film The Blair Witch Project scared, entertained, and confused moviegoers around the world.  Was it real? Are these actors? Why does this girl have so much snot running out of her nose? All of these questions…
snes switch

Nintendo Direct: Super NES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

That’s 20 games coming tomorrow! Whoever says Nintendo doesn’t listen? That’s right: twenty classic Super Nintendo games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Service tomorrow! Featuring online play and voice chat, these titles are also subject to the same Rewind features available for NES games, so you can…
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition

Nintendo Direct: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Coming to Switch Next Year

It’s a remake! Xenoblade fans’ eyebrows were raised when Soraya Saga — MonolithSoft’s resident art designer — retweeted yesterday’s news of an upcoming Nintendo Direct, fueling speculation of an unannounced entry or even a potential port. Turns out we were on the money: Nintendo’s 2010 Wii RPG is getting…

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