Jungle Tour Challenge Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

More on-rails zaniness.

jungle tour challenge

Hello, and welcome to the Jungle Tour Challenge! This Yoshi’s Crafted World level is full of Red Coins, Poochy Pups, Souvenirs, and Smiley Flowers for our favorite dino to nab, but as this is an on-rails level, you may need a guide to help you through. Let’s get to it!

Red Coins

jungle tour challenge

Simply smack open the box above at the beginning for your first four Red Coins. (4/20) Another Red Coin box lies just around the turn, but some pink rhinos may impede your aim — clear the way, then pop the box. (8/20) The next Red Coin box rests after the waterfall alongside a Golden Present (12/20), with another Red Coin box greeting you as you enter the open savannah. (15/20) Finally, watch for the final Red Coin box as you make a turn around the dense forest. (20/20)

Smiley Flowers

Like every other score-attack level, Jungle Tour Challenge is an on-rails adventure, this time featuring Yoshi pelting innocent wildlife with eggs. Your first three Smiley Flowers are dependent on the numbers listed upon above scoreboard: one for 4000, two for 6000, and three for 8000. “Every little bit helps”, as the saying goes, but as the level progresses, you’ll naturally want to focus your aim upon the triple-digit animals, especially the 300-point rainbow animals. The concluding forest is crucial here — you’ll find yourself ignoring the 100-point animals in favor of multi-colored ones, so aim wisely!

As for the other three? You’ll find the first in front of this blue bush before the rainbow bird-populated waterfall, the second after the waterfall here, and the third just after your turn around the dense forest. (It’s just after the final Red Coin box.)

Poochy Pups

jungle tour challenge

Those dang Poochy Pups got a little too excited during the Jungle Tour Challenge and ran off! As this is an on-rails level, you’ll have a tough time on your hands — the first one above’s resting upon a raft, but you’ll only have a couple seconds to nab it! The second’s on another raft after you first witness the goal, and the third scampers down from a palm tree shortly afterwards onto a boulder.


Zebra: Just a reminder — this Zebra is but one of three found throughout Rumble Jungle, but you’ll find this particular mammal just before you arrive at the dense forest, as seen above.

Orange Papier Mâché: Five of these tasty paper-craft fruits are littered across the Flipside jungle. The first is just after you start out past the Shy Guy, the second being lugged by a Fly Guy, the third when you come in sight of the goal, the fourth by a bush shortly afterwards, and the fifth just past the gators and before the Mystery Animal.

Mystery Animal: This giraffe rests in plain sight after you ride past the alligators.

Second Mystery Animal: This, uh, “mystery animal” is found when you make a wooded turn past the second Poochy Pup.

That’s all for Jungle Tour Challenge! Let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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