How to Clear Soundfrog’s Jobs (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Do the Soundfrog Dance!
soundfrog mario maker 2

What, you didn’t know Soundfrog could manipulate the very earth as we knew it? It’s true, and for clearing three jobs, not only will the sound-producing amphibian spruce up the grounds of Peach’s Castle for you, but grant you a brand new costume! Of course, the big question is: will his relationship with Ms. Soundfrog survive? Only one way to find out!

So, where is he?

soundfrog mario maker 2

After clearing Partrick’s Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below job, head back up to Peach’s Castle and dash down the rightward path until you spot the red flower. Hop around it to produce a hidden block, then climb up the ensuing beanstalk to discover Soundfrog hiding among the clouds. Why, exactly, he’s up there is a mystery for the ages, but let’s not dwell on that for now.

Cheep Cheep Maze

soundfrog mario maker 2

Oh no — Soundfrog’s dearest has become lost in an underwater Super Mario Bros. level! To make matters worse, it’s a nighttime stage, so as seen above, your field of vision is impaired. To analyze what you’re up against, bop the nearby ? Block to briefly summon a heavenly shower of light; yes, as the level’s name implies, you’ll be navigating swarms of deadly, vacant-eyed Cheep Cheeps. Naturally, you’ll be carefully treading water here, but don’t fret: we’ve gotten other lightshows to guide our path. Every coin you collect or ? Block you punch produces everything from fireworks to further divine revelations, so certainly make use of those as you swim further into the depths!

Past the checkpoint, don’t get greedy with the vertical coin assembly; instead, swim down into the niche below and wait for the Cheep Cheep gang to pass overhead, then quickly ascend up before they pace back! Carefully swim down the slope — as there’s more Cheep Cheeps pacing back and forth, you may have to do the same — but don’t make a beeline for the Flagpole just yet: two Winged Cheep Cheeps are patrolling the goal, so stay grounded to the ocean floor before clearing the level.

Hold Your Breath

soundfrog mario maker 2

Now here’s a new one: complete the level without once emerging from the water! You’d think this’d be easy, given 2D Mario games — New Super Mario Bros. included — don’t feature drowning, but the rising water levels of Super Mario Maker 2‘s Forest levels render this a difficult task. This’ll go into effect quickly after the level starts, so take care in chasing after the first ? Block’s Mushroom. As seen above, it’s probable you may consider otherwise: certain shortcuts are only available to Small Mario, so despite the Magikoopas zapping magic everywhere, it sounds like a risk worth taking…

…or does it? Hold Your Breath reserves a nasty surprise for the very end, where a Magikoopa zaps the Flagpole into an enemy! What’re we even to do, when Small Mario can’t attack the Magikoopa underwater and reverse the spell? Turns out, you need a Fire Flower; that’s right, you’ll have to carefully navigate around the magic-slinging and sinking water levels as you earn power-ups — when you reach the ending, aim some waterproof fireballs at the trickster Magikoopa to get that flagpole back!

Sea of Sorrow

soundfrog mario maker 2

Looks like our underwater fireball feat didn’t impressed Soundfrog’s girlfriend; in fact, she just went and dumped him! Desperate for company, Soundfrog drags Mario into a Super Mario Bros.-themed puzzle level that’s, you guessed it, underwater. Navigate through the Boo circle and enter the green door to grab the Goomba’s Shoe lying within, then come back and stomp on all the ghostly ghouls, carefully observing all the therapeutic cat paws along the way, to earn your first key. In the next room, lure the Thwomps into crushing all the blocks, then swim up to hit the ON Switch. Ensure the Buzzy Beetle Shell Helmet emerges from the red pipe (mess around with the ON/OFF Switch if it doesn’t), then squeeze through the Spike/Muncher tunel to shove the Thwomp upwards and swim back down to push up the other Thwomp; again, lure it into ridding you of the final block mass. (Just checking: you didn’t abandon your Goomba’s Shoe, did you? Don’t lose it!)

As you swim downwards, ignore the green door (that’s the one leading back to the beginning) and hit the OFF Switch, then swim through the new path and nudge the Munchers outta the way for the next door. Grab the checkpoint, then Spring Jump into the brick holding the middle Muncher; ride it as it descends, then use it as a platform for the door. In the next room, bop the Lava Bubble out of the Fire Koopa Clown Car, then hitch a ride and supercharge your fireballs to break down the wall. Hit the ON Switch, then swim past the Boos and avoid the spikes as you demolish another wall. Break down the bricks masking the Flagpole, and you’re done!

Not…dead like disco?

soundfrog mario maker 2

Congrats — the Frog Cap’s now available for your Mii Avatar! Fire off any further questions you have in the comments below, but in the meantime, check out our main Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide!

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