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Check Out The Bubsy: Paws On Fire! Switch Launch Trailer

Better late than never, Bubsy the bobcat bounds onto the Switch August 29th   With the release of Bubsy: Paws On Fire! just around the corner, the game’s publisher Accolade has released a launch trailer showcasing its nostalgic, side-scrolling action. Here’s  the game’s description from Nintendo’s official site: “From…
mr. eraser

How to Clear Mr. Eraser’s Jobs (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Psst, kid…you want some synthetic rubber? Of the various contractors lurking around Peach’s Castle, Mr. Eraser is the most clandestine — conspicuously hanging around impenetrable brick walls, the sentient piece of rubber offers his miraculous scrubbing prowess on a strict “don’t ask, don’t tell” basis. Why, exactly, these involve…

Senran Kagura Reflexions Review (PC)

All the cheesecake, none of the feedback     I don’t really like to consider myself a connoisseur or a purveyor of adult-oriented games, despite what some of my friends may tell you. I do, however, enjoy their content when I do play them, and I can appreciate what…

SolSeraph Review (PS4)

A Little Ray of Sunshine     I can’t say that I’ve ever come across a game quite like SolSeraph before. At least, not since the halcyon days of the SNES. With most genre combinations having already been tried, and many of them having been done to death at this…
komi can't communicate review volume one

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 1 Review

Opposites attract…or do they? So, here’s something you don’t see everyday: a “boy meets girl” manga where the guy helps the girl overcome her crippling social anxiety. Labeling Tomohito Oda’s Komi Can’t Communicate as a rom-com would be remiss; yes, there exist sparks between the two leads, but I…
spinner banner hey poor player

Blade Runner 2019 #1 Review

An Unfamiliar Blade Runner In a Time-Honored Dark Future     This coming Fall holds great import for die-hard science fiction cinema fans. After all, November 2019, was the backdrop for Ridley Scott’s science-fiction cult hit, Blade Runner (1982). This provided perfect timing for Titan Comics to release their…

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