How to Solve Partrick’s Jobs (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Whatcha got for us, Partrick?
patrick super mario maker 2

Yes, that’s PARTrick, not Patrick. As seen above, this humble Brick Block has a peculiar “t” speech tic, but whatevs: we’re not here to judge, let alone punch him to pieces like the rest of his breakable brethren. After all, the guy’s got jobs for you, so why resort to violence unless said missions involve assassination hits ala Mr. Eraser? Oops, were we supposed to say that out loud? Um, uh, hey, you get a cool T-Shirt out of this!

Yeah, uh, so where is he?

patrick super mario maker 2

Right — you’ll find your new friend after completing some jobs by Mr. Eraser; specifically, Molten Rain, where you bop Lava Bubbles with a Buzzy Beetle helmet. Once that’s done, he’ll erase the blocks clogging up the nearby Red Pipe; go down to discover Partrick’s little hideaway. As always, the guy’s got three jobs for you — let’s get to work!

House of ! Blocks

patrick super mario maker 2

Of course Partrick’s first job would involve blocks! As it happens, the guy’s home-searching, so we gotta inspect this Super Mario 3D World-themed candidate for him. As seen above, these ! Blocks different from their ? cousins in that they don’t grant rewards; instead, they extend one-by-one the more you hit them. You shouldn’t have any trouble with the following room’s sets — simply jump or Ground Pound when necessary.

If you want a hidden 30-coin, however, steal the Red Koopa’s shell near the exit and toss it at the ! Block down near the checkpoint to eliminate the Bullet Bill Blaster, then enter the Blue Pipe nearby. (Get ready for some wall-jumping!) Regardless, the level ends shortly afterwards.

For completing this job, you’ll get some coins via a ? Block. Hooray!

Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below

patrick super mario maker 2

This Super Mario Bros. Ghost House’s the next on Partrick’s home-browsing journey, although electricity issues seriously impede your vision. As you’ve undoubtedly realized, your searchlight aide can only telegraph so much, so tread carefully and don’t dash around. While there’s surprisingly little hazards, what’s there — a pair of Skewyers and a pit here and there — will end Mario if you’re too hasty.

Anyway, this level’s framed as something of a maze — you’ll quickly run into a dead end soon after the level starts, so take heed of the basement ceiling’s coin-accompanied vent and head down to discover a hidden trove of Coins and Mushrooms. While you don’t have to snag every tempting treasure lying around — not the least in 10-coins and a 1-Up Mushroom — every last bit counts, so why not accumulate Peach’s Castle’s war chest? Regardless, this level isn’t too hard, either — just watch your step.

Your reward for this clearing this mission is…a red flower? Huh, wonder what happens if we jump around it…

High atop Thwomp Tower

patrick super mario maker 2

Finally, Partrick’s family has found the perfect home — a Super Mario 3D World Castle! Again, we won’t judge, but they’re not too keen of the Thwomps bumping into everything. In surveying their wreckage, Mario utilizes the nasty blocks as makeshift bridges (see above), so tread carefully and wait for them to drop. When you’re past the first step, you may think to Wall Jump outta there, but watch out — an unseen Thwomp crashes into the lava when you get too close! That’s okay, just wait for him to do his thing and ride him upwards.

The next part’s tricky: patiently wait for the Thwomp to drop down, then quickly dash for your life into the gray brick room. In their drive to squish you, the Thwomps will crush through the bricks — wait for the leftward one to plummet down, then quickly board him before the rightward one crushes you. Activate the checkpoint, then ride the lava-embedded Thwomps and carefully navigate the air-suspended bricks as you go. (For the part with the 10-coin, run ahead into its compartment before the other Thwomp breaks through the bricks, then board the Thwomp you were just riding on. Be sure you stick to its right side before the ensuing Thwomp storm comes crashing down!)

For the flagpole, either jump it or manuever around the two mini Thwomps for a flagtop finish, then you’re done!

Home free!

patrick super mario maker 2

Hooray, Partrick finally has a home — albeit one still Thwomp-infested, but hey, not our problem anymore. For your hard work, you get a Partrick Shirt.

Give us a holler in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, check out our Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide!


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