How to Solve Secret of the Dry Bones Shell (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Solve fun puzzles with dead bodies!
dry bone shell mario maker 2 guide

Time for you Super Mario Maker 2 course makers to test out another makeshift tool! Enter the Dry Bones Shell — this decomposed carcass may appear too grim, but don’t linger upon any ethical violations; nay, focus upon how it ferries across lava! This Super Mario Bros. castle level utilizes every trick in the Dry Bones Shell book, so for those struggling to make sense of Secret of the Dry Bones Shell, we’ve got you covered.

So, how do I use it?

dry bones mario maker 2 guide

The Dry Bones Shell’s available from the very beginning, arriving from the heavens via a handy Warp Pipe. With a pair of Boos heading your way, your first test is evident: bounce upon them as footstools! If you miss, don’t fret: the shell’s immune to lava. We have a gracious timer of 500 seconds, so don’t spend too long learning the following fundamentals: press down to mimic a Dry Bones “death” (which’ll render you immune to enemy attacks), jump and down plummets the shell to earth with a ground-shaking thud (and more mimicking), and, like Yoshi, you can make ditch your ride mid-air by pressing any shoulder button; remember, this can gain additional air time as well. (Plus, since your ride’s already dead, you don’t bear any guilt! Hooray!)

Once you’ve got that all down pat, you’ll have to maneuver past some saw blades. While you’re also immune here, your rickety movement can give you a hard time, so ensure you’re timing your jumps with A to get that extra boost. In the next room, use the last-ditch technique to bop the 1-Up Mushroom out of its block if you wish, then head into the green door.

Mystery of the Red Coins

dry bones mario maker 2 guide

Our first puzzle begins with three red coins! For our first coin, don’t make the mistake of smacking the ? Block from below; instead, use the aerial shell-drop maneuver to ensure the vine stretches downwards, then exit your shell and climb downwards to nab your prize. Next, climb back into your shell and dash to the other side of the platform, then carefully leap off and quickly time your last-ditch escape to grab the coin in mid-air! Finally, as the last coin rests upon some instant-death spikes, you’ll need the clever assistance of two shells: first, take one shell and place it underneath the upper platform, then ride the next shell that spawns and footstool the previous shell to reach the last coin!

Once you’ve earned your key, leave this room and open the locked door. As you activate the checkpoint, you may notice a 30-coin tempting you above from a spike pit; no, you don’t need to grab it, but in case you’re feeling adventurous, time your last-ditch maneuver as the next shell spawns from the blue pipe and it’ll surf across the spikes and grab the coin for you. (We hear another prize awaits within the blue pipe itself, but we ain’t telling.)

Of Thwomps and Keys

dry bones mario maker 2 guide

Uh oh, a giant Thwomp! Thankfully, you’ve got your Dry Bones imitation down pat, so quickly crumble to pieces when it zooms your way, and it’ll exit the stage promptly. Use your aerial drop maneuver to grab the 1-Up from the below ? Block if you use, then head up to observe our next prize: another key. We’ll have to get tricky to slip past the Sawblade — use the deadly blade as a footstool to reach the donut block above, then impersonate a Dry Bones again as it falls down to squeak by! Grab the key, then open the locked door.

It’s Muncher Time!

dry bones mario maker 2 guide

Our final puzzle requires the assistance of a nefarious foe: the invincible Muncher! Specifically, the one riding that Giant Boo floating towards you all creepy-like. Take advantage of the ghoul’s embarrassment to freeze its position over the lower Sawblade, then carefully aim your jump to bop the specter so the Muncher falls onto the conveyor belt; there, it’ll hop upon a Note Block and join its brethren into establishing a POW Block bowling alley! Unfortunately, this new business venture leads to their untimely demise after you kick the shell down their way. Hey, at least the Munchers blocking the pipe are gone!

Regardless, you’ve made it to the end! If you want, engage in some daredevil footstooling with the Skewer’s 50-coin, but ensure you activate the checkpoint first. Otherwise, last-ditch jump your way onto the bridge, trip the axe, and make your way out!

And that’s it for Secret of the Dry Bones Shell! Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, visit our Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide!

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