How to Clear Yamamura’s Jobs (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

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yamamura mario maker 2 guide

When he’s not eating edamame or teaching level-creating classes at his Super Mario Maker 2 dojo, Yamamura the rock pigeon’s fluttering about the grounds of Peach’s Castle. And yes, just like every other guest lurking around, he’s got some jobs for Mario to clear. While he doesn’t offer the most exciting reward, merely clearing them — let alone finding the sneaky pigeon — can be a challenge in itself, so let’s get to it!

So, where’s Yamamura?

Composed as he may be, Yamamura plays a mean game of hide-and-seek. The first two jobs require the construction of the West and East Hall’s rooftop cannons; once complete, simply interact with them to lure Yamamura out of hiding. As for the third mission, ensure you’ve built a Dry Bones shell home for Undodog via the Swamp Escape by Shell job, then check out the giant shell after you’ve completed Yamamura’s previous two jobs to find him crashing there.

Airship Flight

yamamura mario maker 2 guide

By now, you’ve probably experienced a most annoying clear requirement: “Reach the goal without landing after leaving the ground.” In other words, this means no jumping, but with much of this level taking place around Cape Mario’s falling speed and driving the Koopa Clown Car, you’ll find even the slightest misstep can disqualify you. That’s why when you begin your plunge as Cape Mario, it’s absolutely imperative you familiarize yourself with the B Button — this’ll slow down your descent, granting you ample time to maneuver past Saw Blades and Bumpers.

Eventually, you’ll come through a vine-infested tunnel — ensure you’re still using the B Button for the split-second drops between each vine, then navigate past more Saw Blades until you reach some Donut Block-accompanied Twisters. Observe your future obstacles during the long trek upwards, then begin descending down the Wiggler area and carefully use the caterpillars as makeshift springboards should you inevitably reach the floor.

Once you’ve floated past the Red Paratroopas, the real hell begins with the Fire Koopa Clown Car; no, we’re not just talking about its fiery motif and the flame-spewing Burners surrounding you, but the spike maze that, upon contact, will instantly send your ride spiraling out of control. Any and all fatal misdirections can jab Mario out of the cockpit for an instant disqualification, so don’t rush and slowly navigate your way out. Once free, blast away at the Bloopers, head through the pipe, and ride the cloud down for the goal!

Coin Collecting on an Unmanned Ship

yamamura mario maker 2 guide

Thankfully, Yamamura’s next job eases up on the difficulty, although you’ll still need to exercise caution for this Super Mario Bros. airship. Exactly 50 coins are required to clear the level, although the storm of Bullet Bills won’t make that task easy. Our recommendation is to stand by and wait for the Bullet Bill Cannons to fire, then quickly hop down and grab whatever coins you can before the next volley arrives. It goes without saying this tactic goes for the upcoming Burners as well, so time both your jumps and Swinging Claws carefully.

However, you’ll eventually be forced to abandon this wait-and-see strategy near the end; see, those reddish-orange Bull’s-Eye Blasters fire off heat-seeking Bullet Bills, and they’ll follow poor Mario wherever he goes! Again, this is just before the finish line, so don’t rush — calmly evaluate both the firing rates of regular Bullet Bills and your distance from Bull’s-Eye Bills, then make your move and dash for the gold!

Summer Shootout

yamamura mario maker 2 guide

Don’t be fooled by the cozy Super Mario Sunshine music — this Super Mario Bros. 3 level ain’t a walk in the park. Okay, we say that despite the giant Goomba’s Shoe you’ll be bouncing off cannon balls with, but as always, timing is key! Our recommendation is to maintain balance between jumping height and width; in other words, while you should hold B for maximum airtime and gauging distance, you should never vault too far lest you miss a volley of cannon balls. Note that you can be knocked out of the Goomba’s Shoe, which will render this level significantly harder, so all the more reason to aim carefully!

Your reward is…

yamamura mario maker 2 guide

A Yamamura shirt! That M’s pretty spiffy, no? Give us a holler in the comments below if you have any further questions, or check out our Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode guide for any further walkthrough assistance.

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