Hey Poor Player’s Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide (In-Progress)

Let’s get building!
mario maker 2 story mode guide

Hello, and welcome to Hey Poor Player’s Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode guide! While crafting levels is the heart and soul of Nintendo’s latest DIY project, there’s a whole crap of how-to guides cropped up across the interwebs, so we decided to scale things back to the game’s Story Mode. Centering around the reconstruction of Princess Peach’s lovely castle, this mode isn’t just a glorified tutorial on Mario Maker 2‘s wealth of customization; nay, there’s no shortage of handy unlockables for Course Maker, so completing every last job is vital if you strive to become a top-notch Mario Maker 2 architect!

While won’t cover every last job offered in Story Mode, we’ll focus on especially tough levels as well as the various special missions and unlockables encountered throughout. Bear in mind we’re currently experimenting with site UIs for the sake of a more convenient browsing experience. Regardless, expect this guide to last throughout July 2019!

Individual Jobs


The Keymaster (All Eight Keys)

Stone of Destiny

Special Jobs/Unlockables


Purple Toad’s Spiny Shell Helmet (Superball Flower)

Yellow Toad Napping on the Job (Coins/8-Bit Sculptures)

Exterminating the Piranha Creeper/Waking Coursebot (Story Mode Cutscenes)

Mr. Eraser’s Brick-Clearing Hit Jobs (Patrick and Sound Frog Jobs/Refreshing Shirt)

Yamamura’s Sky-High Jobs (Yamamura Shirt)


Anthony Pelone
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