How to Unlock the Superball Flower (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Party like it’s 1989!
superball flower guide mario maker 2

What’s this — there’s a hidden Super Mario Land-themed power-up tucked away within Super Mario Maker 2? That’s right: after a thirty year-long absence, the Superball Flower returns for any and all DIY purposes! But as you may’ve already guessed, this monochrome superpower requires some effort on your end to earn. Luckily, Hey Poor Player’s guide has all the deets for you.

So, where do I find it?

superball flower guide mario maker 2

Your task begins in Story Mode — after waking the sleepy Yellow Toad, you may find Purple Toad observing a set of three ? Blocks floating to the left of Peach’s Castle. (In the event said Toad’s absent, simply focus on rebuilding the castle; for the record, I was nearly finished with reconstruction when I spotted him there.) As you’ve already deduced, said ? Blocks can’t be bopped thanks to the pesky Hard Blocks resting underneath, so Purple Toad will request a most necessary tool: a Spiny Helmet.

Spiny Shell Smashers!

superball flower guide mario maker 2

Just like in the original Mario Maker, Spiny Shells can be donned as helmets to smash extra-tough blocks and guard you from Thwomp attacks. For newcomers, you can think of the Spiny Shell Smashers level as a tutorial: note how with a Spiny Helmet, Hard Blocks can be cleared away with a simple jump, and invincible pests like Munchers and Thwomps are no match for your new headgear. Still, as the Snake Block section proves, that doesn’t mean Spiny Helmet Mario is invincible, either: as you navigate the Hard Block maze, the tempting giant coins littered throughout may have you miss your ride! (Also watch out for the invisible ? Blocks: they can be broken, too, but their two-bop requirement means they’ll often slow you down.) As long as utilize your discretion wisely and don’t fall victim to snap judgments, you should win the day.

8-Bit Nostalgia, Here We Come!

superball flower guide mario maker 2

With the Spiny Helmet acquired, Purple Toad does away with the pesky Hard Blocks, leaving Mario to do what he does best: punching those ? Blocks! Do so, and the Game Boy power-up’s all yours. (Complete with some blocky Super Mario Land-themed attire: the Superball Mario Suit and Superball Mario Hat!)

So, uh, what now?

superball flower guide mario maker 2

Why, test our your new toy, obviously! While the Superball Flower’s only available in the Super Mario Bros. theme, all you have to do is grab a Fire Flower and tap it to select the new plant. Grab it, and witness the glory of your stunning transformation: not only is Mario monochrome, but the familiar Super Mario Land music theme graces your new level. Cool!

As you’ve already noticed, the Superball works a little differently than Fire Flower’s famous fireballs: while they still dissipate upon ridding an enemy, they ricochet upon surface contact. Given that they can collect Keys and Pink Coins, they’re certainly prime for clever level concepts, so get to work! Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, check out our Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide!

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