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Streets of Rogue Review (PC)

Streets of Rogue is actually MORE chaotic than Streets of Rage   Streets of Rogue is an expression of beautiful insanity. What makes it so beautiful though, is how well ordered it all seems before the chaos begins. The player takes the role of a resistance fighter, battling against…

London Detective Mysteria Review (PC)

The Wonderful World of Miss Whiteley     This review of London Detective Mysteria isn’t my first go-around with the game. Before releasing on the PC, the game enjoyed a period of Vita exclusivity — and it was there that I first enjoyed it. Because of that, the game, and its many…
patrick super mario maker 2

How to Solve Partrick’s Jobs (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Whatcha got for us, Partrick? Yes, that’s PARTrick, not Patrick. As seen above, this humble Brick Block has a peculiar “t” speech tic, but whatevs: we’re not here to judge, let alone punch him to pieces like the rest of his breakable brethren. After all, the guy’s got jobs…

New Trailer For Russian Action/RPG Title: Orange Cast

A New Sci-Fi Shooter From Behind The Iron Curtain     Russia has a great history with sci-fi epics with the Great Andrei Tarvosky’s Solaris and Stalker. However, Team Rez – a small studio from the city of Kaluga, Russia comprising just 4 people – are making a rather…
Luminous Avenger iX | Featured

AX 2019: Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX Hands-on

What makes an effective demo? Benny delves into the topic and discusses his favorite game at Anime Expo 2019: Inti Creates’ Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Creating an effective game demo is an art. You need to inform any potential players what your game is about. At the same time,…
ancient seesaw fortress

How to Solve Ancient Seesaw Fortress (Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide)

What, you didn’t know Ancient Egyptians loved playing seesaw? “Father of Name Withheld”? Yeah, that sinister laughter’s not fooling anybody, Bowser. Anyway, Ancient Seesaw Fortress is a sandy Super Mario Bros. blend of seesaws and On/Off Switches; in other words, yet another puzzle level! The mind-bending tricks and traps…

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