How to Wake Yellow Toad and Solve His Stone Levels (Super Mario Maker 2 Guide)

Who’s up for some heavy-lifting?

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

As you’re surveying the grounds of the Princess Peach’s Castle reconstruction project, you may notice a certain slacker taking some Z’s to the castle’s right. As always, the Yellow Toad’s napping away, but this is no time for Mario Galaxy-esque hints; nay, he should be working on some lovely stonemasonry! And even then, we gotta gather some stones for him to do the job. Maybe Chief Toadette was onto something about the union…

Okay, but how do I wake him?

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

You’ll need Purple Toad’s help for that — after you’ve completed the three Toads’ requests on the finished 2F of Peach’s Castle, head down to the castle’s right to find Purple Toad tut-tutting at Yellow Toad’s napping on the job. To wake him up, Purple Toad sends you on a vital mission: smash some ear-shattering POW Blocks and slaughter some innocent Spinies in the process. (Look, just roll with it, okay?)

POW Block Wake-Up Call!

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

Okay, we know that’s some serious visual overload, but trust us: despite the 50-second timer, this level’s easier than it looks. As the Spinies travel in piggyback, they fall off one at a time, so all you need are three bops to three different POW Blocks. Aim carefully as you watch the Spinies’ movements, and you should squeak on by!

Alright, so what now?

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

As seen above, it turns out Yellow Toad took a nap because he…didn’t do his job of finding stones, so it looks like Mario’s gonna be doing the heavy-lifting yet again. For the three ensuing missions he gives you, you must find their respective stone blocks and carry them to the goal. This grueling job ain’t exactly a walk in the park, so heed our following walkthroughs.

Buried Stones

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

Our first stone lies within the caverns of Super Mario World, but watch out: the 200-second timer runs out quicker than you think! Run into the next room and take heed of the glittering blocks within the stone ceiling — those are what you need, yet you only need but one. So how do we reach them? Dash through the cave, dodging Thwomps and Dry Bones all the while, and you’ll come across a green pipe spawning Yoshis. Hop on, then head backwards, swallowing any Parabones obstructing your path as you reach the raised platform at the beginning. Follow Yoshi’s example above and tongue-grab that stone!

Alright, so what now? Hope you’ve been observing the level’s silent lesson on obtaining isolated goodies with Yoshi’s tongue, cause I’m…gonna spill the beans, anyway. As you may’ve already noticed, carrying the heavy stones impedes Mario’s famous jumping-abilities, so he can’t reach the other side of the music blocks by himself; consequently, we’re gonna need some help from our dino buddy. Keep the stone in Yoshi’s mouth until you reach the music blocks, then spit it out and simply let it bounce. Use the buried stone as a footstool to reach the other side, then tongue-grab it from the other side and finish the level!

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

(That, or you can just use the Parts option by pressing Minus and spawn some blocks to hop on via the music blocks — ain’t no shame in that!)

Cat-Scratch Stone

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

Time for the deserts of Super Mario 3D World! Grab the Super Bell for some kitty action, then spend some time unleashing your newfound claws on the nearby bricks and Dry Bones. After you pick up the stone, you’ll recognize you’ll have to drop it whenever a brick blockade blocks your path, but have no fear: you’ll never be separated from it for long. However, the upcoming clear pipes require some creativity: while horizontal pipes require Cat Mario to carry it for safe passage, you’ll have to throw it through vertical ones. Finally, engage in stone-throwing action whenever a Banzai Bill comes your way. Remember these rules/tips, and you should exit unscathed.

Stone from the River

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

Ready to go swimming in New Super Mario Bros. U‘s jungle? As the water levels rise and decline, there are two important rules of thumbs to follow when safekeeping your stone underwater:

  1. You must hold Y at all times; otherwise, it’ll slip from your grasp!
  2. You cannot press B to swim higher — simply let the currents push Mario upwards as you navigate around.

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

When the waters ebb away, you can drop your stone and take the limited time to grab whatever goodies are lying about, but never stray too far from your level-clearing item! Furthermore, there come intervals where you ascend too far for the waters to reach, so you’ll have to toss your stone about to progress. The only times you need to separate yourself from your stone involves activating the hidden blocks underneath/nearby the gusty Twister, although you shouldn’t be in danger of losing it.

They’re so…blocky…

yellow toad mario maker 2 guide

And that’s it! Your rewards comes not only in additional coins towards your castle-building war-chest, but three beautiful 8-bit sculptures of classic Mario enemies. Hmm, call us crazy, but we’re positive those Goomba fangs weren’t in the original sprite…are we witnessing an earth-shattering discovery akin to Super Mario Bros.‘ identical clouds and bushes?

Anyway, let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, visit our Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Guide!

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