How to Unlock Yves (Cadence of Hyrule Guide)

Finally, another playable Deku Scrub!

It’s true: an unlockable Deku Scrub awaits you in Cadence of Hyrule! Remember that adventure-seeking Deku Scrub sulking about in Tingle’s Lost Woods abode? That’s the one: despite his natural impediments, Yves can finally carry out his dreams so long as you have enough Deku Seeds. However, finding them all is no easy task for beginner players, especially considering a) the game’s overworld is randomized with each new save, and b) there’s apparently not enough seeds littered across the in-game map for Yves to join you. (20, by the way.) Will his ambitions ever come true? Stick with our guide, and we’ll help make it happen!

So, uh, where do I find the Deku Seeds?

yves cadence of hyrule guide

Said seeds are dropped by those no-good Deku Scrubs hiding across Hyrule. Thankfully, you won’t need any optional charms to spot them on your map — see those brown dots by Link’s bobbing head in our screenshot? That’s where you’ll find one. Deku Scrubs operate much like Octoroks — they’ll duck upon approach, but snipe at a turned back. You’ll either need to reflect their projectiles with a shield or pull a quick about-turn with your weapon (preferably something ranged, like an ever-helpful lance). Either way, both maneuvers have be done up-close; pull off the shield technique too far, and it’ll just crawl back underground.

There are 20 Deku Seeds total: handing ten over to Tingle will double your stamina meter, and the following ten will unlock Yves. Neat!

Okay, but there’s not enough seeds on the map for Yves. Where are they?

yves cadence of hyrule guide

Ah, yes, that’s where things get tricky. Not to fear: there’s a certain spot where you’re guaranteed to find the last eight Deku Seeds. Remember how you obtained Tingle’s Dowser to navigate The Lost Woods? Whip it out, then head down to the forest maze. Make your way through until you reach a section filled with ghostly Poes (about two screens in), then observe the upper part of the screen for a cracked wall. Bomb it, then head inside to find a Deku Scrub hideaway! And whaddaya know: there’s exactly eight of them. We’ll refrain from entailing how exactly you should carry out your, ahem, “massacre,” but once the dirty deed’s done, head back to Tingle’s and hand over the goods to finally recruit Yves.

Yves is yours!

yves cadence of hyrule guide

To try out your new friend, we recommend testing Yves with weak enemies. Why, you ask? Because he only has one heart! They’re called Deku Scrubs for a reason — not only can the poor guy not take a hit, but he can only use the shoulder buttons to, respectively, shoot Deku Nuts (L) and hide (R). On top of that, both use up stamina! Needless to say, Yves is only for the most adventurous of Hyrule breakdancers! Good luck!

That about wraps up our Yves coverage, but in case you have any additional questions, ask away in the comments below! In the meantime, why not check out our main Cadence of Hyrule guide?

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