How to Obtain The Down Thrust (Cadence of Hyrule Guide)

I repeat: This one’s required!

down thrust cadence of hyrule guide
Can’t cross the Death Mountain river that leads to the Temple of Storms? You’ll need the Down Thrust technique for that! Unlike the other collectibles we’ve previously gone over, the Down Thrust’s absolutely necessary for completing Cadence of HyruleIt’s not just another attack to add to your repertoire like Breath of the Wild; here, it functions as something akin to pole vaulting, where you can hop across gaps so long as there’s an unlucky enemy underneath. Let’s get to learning!

So, where can I find it?

down thrust cadence of hyrule guide

None other than the Windmill Hut! While Cadence of Hyrule’s overworld is always randomly-generated, we can confirm it always lies at the base of Death Mountain. If you find yourself skipping to the groove within grey-reddish rocky terrain, you’re on the right track. Regardless, upon entering you’ll find not Guru-Guru, but a pair of doofuses that also fell under Octavo’s sleeping spell. Yup, you guessed it: it’s time for another music note puzzle!

Any Zelda fan should recognize this 13-note puzzle, but given its rapid pace, it can be difficult to remember; worse, every playthrough changes the notes played, so we can’t share a definite answer. What’s a hero to do? Just like the Power Glove puzzle, we recommend using your Switch’s video-record feature that you can use as a reference. The last seven notes are tricky, but keep to the beat and you should make it!

down thrust cadence of hyrule guide

Upon success, the two men — Mellan and…uh, The Guy Who’s Name Isn’t Mentioned — awake, and grant you the Down Thrust ability! Why exactly do two windmill workers know the way of the sword? Who knows, but I already want to see a spin-off featuring their downspiral from adventuring days into the daily grind of serving as actual metaphorical cogs in the machine.

Alright! So what now?

down thrust cadence of hyrule

Don’t leave just yet — as it turns out, Mellan never got around to cleaning up that crate puzzle, so why not do his work for him? It’s not too tough, so we’ll leave the deduction to you. Rumor has it a special item may be waiting for you if you solve it…

Regardless, you’re now well on your way to tackle the Temple of Storms. Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions!

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