Kamek Kerfuffle Boss Challenges (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Kamek’s last stand!
kamek kerfuffle

Thought everything settled down in Yoshi’s Crafted World after putting Baby Bowser in his place? You thought wrong, as his royal guardian in Kamek’s been plotting revenge in his Hidden Hills tower. After completing the three secret levels and paying fifty Smiley Flowers to the final Blockafeller, Yoshi will engage the Magikoopa wizard in four deadly rounds of mortal combat. As Kamek summons some familiar constructions, our plucky dinosaur may require aid of an old friend of his own to finish off Bowser’s sorcerer!

Kamek Kerfuffle’s one tough hidden boss, but what’ll probably drive you crazy are the three Boss Challenges: a time trial, a no-damage run, and one unique condition (“Clear without causing any platforms to fall”). Thankfully, we’re here to help with guides for all three, although we highly recommend tackling each individually. Kudos if you can knock out all three at one (or even just two, like I did), of course, but focusing on just one goal can alleviate the stress of juggling them all. We also list our own suggestions on which Boss Challenge to start with, but feel free to utilize our strategies however you wish.

Clear without taking any damage.

kamek kerfuffle

Easily the most hair-raising challenge of the lot, we’ll cover this one first as a catch-all guide. This Boss Challenge is exactly what it says on the tin-can: endure all four phases without getting hit! First things first: the initial three phrases all situate Yoshi upon a collapsible floor — stay on any one tile for too long, and it’ll fall into the abyss, so keep moving! It’s already all over if you get hit, but this is the most fundamental rule to remember.

The first phase, where Kamek takes more than several cue cues from Tin-Can Condor, should be easiest. When he begins by launching spike balls. jump over the first two waves and then carefully maneuver around the bouncing yellow ones. (You don’t need to jump for those — just run.) Be sure to grab the rolling Shy Guys, who should swing by underneath the second wave of yellow projectiles. Afterwards, simply dodge the incoming swarm of paper airplanes, then quickly hop for some mid-air sniping action to smack Kamek. This split-second action may take a couple tries to perfect, but it’s nothing compared to what lies ahead, so get practicing!

Next, while the Gator-Train’s chomping bites and waves of rulers shouldn’t be much trouble, the rain of deadly colored pencils is another story. As these “missile” barrages differ in number and girth, you’ll have your hands full seeking a last-second vantage point,  as the Magikoopa quickly stows away afterwards. As you’re more or less forced to attack him during his own assault, your best bet is to focus on evading the plentiful blue pencils and then go on the offensive when the sparser yellow/green pencils come down. Kamek will pop up during blue storm, so ensure that you can make your way towards him; otherwise, the massive pencils will likely shield him from distant attacks. If you still can’t get it right, it’s worth noting he unleashes a different sequential wave upon the next cycle, which leaves him open just a tad longer. Regardless of whichever you choose, keep an eye out for the collapsing platforms underneath your feet!

kamek kerfuffle

With Kamek dialing things up to 11 with his take on Baby Bowser’s robotic monstrosity, it’s all but certain you’ll have no shortage of retries here. Opening with spiked steamrollers, these horrific appendages take precise jumping to avoid — dash all the way to their opposing side just before they roll your way, then run towards them and hold the jump button for the longest leap before seguing into a Flutter Jump. (Simply performing a Flutter Jump will likely earn you an ouchie.) After dodging the incoming missiles by running and Flutter Jumping, you’ll encounter a bouncy barrage of gears — manipulate their rebound by Flutter Jumping in place underneath. (Otherwise, you’ll just sink with the falling platform.) Kamek leaves himself wide open afterwards, so smack him before the giant gear crushes you!

The final phase, which has Yoshi’s mech bopping at Kamek’s miniature airplanes, is definitely the toughest part. Consisting of three — actually, secretly four! — waves, while the good news is that these nasty aircrafts all follow the same flight paths throughout, the bad news is how the yellow rockets utilize tricky feints to change direction and catch you off-guard. Furthermore, every single airplane must be punched back at Kamek; otherwise, he’ll just shrug off your counter-attack and fire off the same wave again.  What’s a Yoshi to do?

kamek kerfuffle

Memorization, that’s what. Easier than it sounds, sure, but with the first two waves keeping both colors separate — for the record, that’s yellow and blue, with the latter’s feints being more telegraphed — you’ll grow to recognize their respective patterns within each. As a reminder, the Yoshi mech can charge punches by holding B, but aside from a brief moment in the final wave (we’ll get to that shortly) and the time challenge, we recommend holding off that and focus on quick bops.

Make no mistake: the final wave’s the toughest. Be wary of not just the yellow planes jumping up at the last minute, but what follows afterwards: a secret last-ditch wave! With all those planes swarming together, it’s extremely difficult to walk out unscathed, let alone find the right rhythm to fend them off. Our best suggestion is to a) open with a charged punch towards the first planes and b) perform the slightest of directional punches to skate by. If worst comes to worst, you should consider hopping onto YouTube and closely analyze other players’ successful attempts. Just keep trying and you’ll make it!

kamek kerfuffle

Oh, and for the record: wearing the cardboard costumes won’t help you cheat. Sorry!

Clear by 2’50″00.

kamek kerfuffle

This one’s also a real headache. While a laser-focused attempt shrugs off any concerns of damage or collapsing platforms, you still have to utilize narrow windows to eliminate Kamek in the first three phases. Even then, this time trial mirrors the No Damage objective in the final phase, where you’ll have to start over if you miss even one missile. While virtually all the strategies listed for that challenge still apply here (see above), there exist some time-saving methods you should keep in mind.

First of all, ensure you have enough eggs for the first three phases. I can’t repeat this enough: there’s nothing more deflating than successfully avoiding any one form’s attacks only to realize you don’t have any eggs while Kamek’s taunting you. I say this knowing there’s very few chances to replenish your ammunition via Shy Guys, which is precisely why every single toss must be handled with care.

As I already mentioned the previous strategies still apply for this challenge, it should also go without saying you must aim for Kamek when he first pops up. To recap, these are after the first two paper airplane swarms (hop up and fire away in mid-air), in the midst of the colored pencil storm (lob an egg during the sparser yellow/green waves), and when the giant gear comes after you (simply hop up and toss an egg). Bear in mind there will be an inevitable delay in reaching Kamek during the second segment, but my previous strategy worked fine with some practice. Regardless, while risk-taking players can afford to stall and aim for the right moment during a No Damage run, that’s not an option here.

With the Yoshi mech phase being an on-rails section, there’s only one option to cut down time: charged punches. You know how the giant Kamek bumbles towards you after all the destroyed planes are smacked back at him? A carefully-timed recoiled bop can shave some precious seconds there, but you’ll have to be exact — fire away after his initial trip in the first wave, and during the second stumble during the second round. Every second counts!

For reference, here are some approximate records for my last successful run:

Tin-Can Kamek: 0’27″00

Kamek Train: 0’59″00

Kamek’s Robot: 1’40″00

Giant Kamek: 2’45″00

Of course, you don’t have to adhere to these times, but it should be noted the final phase will take just over a minute. Keep that in mind as you tackle the other three.

Clear without causing any platforms to fall.

kamek kerfuffle

While this one’s no pushover, we actually recommend doing this challenge first for two reasons, the first one being it’s the easiest of the lot since this challenge only applies to the first three phases and their shaky floors. Furthermore, it’s prime to get a good feel of where and when to dodge/attack during those phases. Simply put: you’re already running around so the collapsible floor underneath doesn’t fall under your weight, so you can take your time memorizing all the relevant patterns.

So long as, of course, you don’t stick around on any one tile. If you’re tackling this challenge first, the Tin-Can Kamek battle probably won’t take much time to master, but the Kamek Train’s pencils and Kamek Robot’s bouncy gears might give you some trouble. The former’s especially troublesome in that while mid-air egg lobbing’s the best manner to avoid collapse, doing that here is ill-advised since the pencils often block them; unfortunately, the alternative in aiming via ground requires split-second fire, leaving you susceptible to panic. If that’s too stressful, it’s worth noting Kamek alternates different waves between each attack cycle and the second leaves him open a little longer, so experiment to see what sticks.

As for the gears, just recognize the empty space between their rebound period — sneak underneath and continuously Flutter Jump to avoid contact with the floor. The storm of countless missiles may be imposing, but careful use of running and Flutter Jumping should win the day.

kamek kerfuffle

If you clear them all, pat yourself on the back — you’ve definitely earned it! Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions on Kamek Kerfuffle.

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