Monty-Mole-B-Gone (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

 Moles on the move!

Monty-Mole-B-Gone Guide



Yoshi has a bit of a challenge on his next wild adventure. Giant moles and unraveling rolls of wrapping paper are the least of his worries. This stage will auto-scroll and leave you behind if you don’t move your butt.


Red Coins


Starting off you’ll see 3 coins beneath a box that has rotating numbers. Go ahead and use your ground pound to reach them (3/20). Moving further to the right of the first three coins, there are 3 more beneath a platform. Hurry up and grab them from the right side before the screen scrolls past them (6/20). In the zone where you’ll find the third flower look for a yellow gift box in the background. Hit it with an egg, and be careful the platform will unravel and our pal Yoshi might fall to his doom (7/20). Once you see 3 coins beneath an unraveling platform, cause it to fall so you can drop down and grab them. Jump up immediately after or else you might fall. Two at the bottom are red, while two above you are red as well (11/20).

Once again you can find more coins in an area where you’ll find a flower — the 4th flower to be exact — there will be 3 red coins to the right for you to scoop on up (14/20). Reaching an area where Monty Moles will run in the background, there will be Monty Mole holding 1 coin. Rest easy, it’s a red one. At the same time, there will be 3 coins beneath the platform in the front and two of them are red (17/20).  Keep running until you get close to the end area of the stage, your last 3 coins will be where there are more Monty Moles running in the background again (20/20).


Smiley Flowers



This time around you can gain 3 of your 7 flowers from completing the stage challenges, which is simply to score high enough. When you come across the Question Mark Winged Cloud you’ll see another teal colored roll of wrapping paper you can stand on. In between this wrapping paper and the next platform, you’ll see a Monty Mole float by. It’ll be carried by a yellow balloon with a smiley face on it, there will be a platform after and above the floating Monty Mole and there’s your first flower (1/4). To the right of the first flower, there will be another one located underneath a platform. In the background, there is a Monty Mole who will present himself by lifting up the top of a plant or vegetable, whatever it’s supposed to be (2/4).

The third flower is beneath an unraveling platform. You can aim an egg from the left to reach it, don’t stand on it for too long though or it will begin to unravel on you (3/4). There’s going to be more unraveling to deal with here. Run to the far right part of the paper and stand there. Once it unravels, flutter jump to the flower below and walk straight through those doors (4/4).


Poochy Pups



The first Poochy Pup will be in the background running alongside some Moles. Don’t fret if you didn’t get him immediately, this pup will eventually be a good boy and sit still (1/3). Our next Poochy Pup is in the background too, near the orange and yellow pumpkin further into the stage. There will be some Moles running around so make sure you aim properly, oh yeah make sure you’re standing on the wooden platform this one doesn’t fall from under you (2/3). Near the end of the stage, you will see 3 gourds looking things on sticks in the background, our last Poochy pal is in the third one (3/3).






Turnip: It will be in the background right after you meet the first giant Monty Mole.

Cabbages: On the flip side of the stage you can find the first cabbage near the position of the first Poochy Pups. Look around the area after the yellow slope just before the position of the second Poochy Pups your second cabbage awaits. In the background where you found the last cabbage, you’ll find the next cabbage waiting to be plucked. Remember where you found the second Poochy Pup, look for a pot in the background and your fourth cabbage will be there. The area where you found the third Poochy Pups, go ahead fall through the rollers to find the fifth cabbage waiting in the background. The last cabbage isn’t too far from the previous, just search the background and you will find it.

Radish: After going over some iron flowers, smash those brown crates to see the radish chilling in the background.


And with that, we wrap up our guide for Monty-Mole-B-Gone and of course, we hope you enjoy the guides. Hopefully, these continue to help you guide our dino pal to those precious collectables. Don’t forget to check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide Hub, and sound off in the comment section below if you have any questions or comments.





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