Monthly Archives: April 2019

Post-Apocalyptic SRPG Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Gets Switch Retail Release Today

Now available in stores, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut’s European release to follow next month   If you’ve been looking to play a little slice of the apocalypse on your Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck. Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is now available at retail outlets in North America. The sequel…

My Time at Portia now available for Consoles

Sandbox Sim RPG available now digitally for consoles     Team17 announced today that Chinese indie dev Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia is now available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. In My Time at Portia, players find themselves a city dweller tired of the daily hustle…
My Hero Academia Volume 18 review

My Hero Academia Vol. 18 Review

The Yakuza’s been eliminated, but what’s next? And so ends the belabored, divisive saga of Overhaul and his Yakuza goons. As if channeling writer/artist Kohei Horikoshi’s own fatigue, Volume 18 of My Hero Academia wastes no time in pummeling Overhaul himself, opening with an Eri-charged Midoriya engaging the mafia boss…

Bow to Blood: The Last Captain Standing Review (PC)

Bow to Blood – And These Other Jerks!     For a game called Bow to Blood, I have to admit I was expecting a lot more blood and slaughter in this title. True, the situation is violent. What with robots firing missiles at you and a noughties-Nickelodeon style announcer ordering…
rough rolling

Rough Rolling Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

“What life choices did I make to miss this jump?” Ah, Hidden Hills — Yoshi’s Crafted World’s secret stage collection. You’d better be ready to fork over some serious Smiley Flowers to even play on these nefarious levels, and even then, they’re tough cookies to crack. As seen above,…

She Remembered Caterpillars Review (Switch)

Broken Dreams, Fractured Reality     It’s been a while since I’ve last played a game like She Remembers Caterpillars. From its simplistic-yet-deep gameplay to its atmospheric presence, to its artistic-yet-melancholy story, almost every aspect about this game is smart, yet slightly pretentious in the same kind of “video games…

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