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The 10 Most Evil Corporations In Video Games

Kill ’em all and let the Free Market sort ’em out     There’s plenty of companies out there that fail to look out for our best interests. We’ve always had the feeling when it comes to these mega-corporations that they’re out to get us (we’re looking at you, Walmart). Whether…

Neo ATLAS 1469 Review (Switch)

Not-So-Dreary Flat Earth Theory     I’ll be the first to admit that Neo ATLAS 1469 appeared to be well out of my wheelhouse when I began playing it. I’m terrible with maps (to put it lightly), have little interest in the old world, and almost never play simulation games.…
mine-cart cave

Mine-Cart Cave Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Time to go a-spelunkin’! Yoshi won’t be scavenging for any gems and jewels in Mine-Cart Cave, but that’s okay: there’s plenty of Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, and Souvenirs instead! In case any elude your grasp, we at Hey Poor Player got the goods, so take a gander…

Saw-Wielding Shipwright Darli Dagger Joins Samurai Shodown’s Roster

Yo-ho-ho and a bucket of blood!  Meet Darli Dagger, Samurai Showdown’s seafaring swordswoman   During a PAX East panel last weekend, SNK revealed one of the three new characters making their way to Samurai Shodown when the game slashes its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and…

Grave Keeper now available on PC, Digging its way to Switch soon

Loot your way through the Forbidden Stronghold and prepare for battle today in Grave Keeper, coming to Switch in Q2 2019 Publisher Ultimate Games has announced the release of their fantasy hack and slash title Grave Keeper for the PC, with plans to release the game on the Nintendo…

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