Solar Zoom Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

solar zoom yoshi

Vroom vroom! Time for Yoshi to showcase his racing skills outside Mario Kart, and what better method than solar-powered cars? This time, Yoshi won’t be behind the wheel; instead, he engages in the highly-dangerous practice of running about his vehicle’s solar panels. Between racing for the Solar Zoom cup and nabbing all the Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, and Souvenirs, it’s a miracle he doesn’t end up as roadkill. Follow our driver’s guide below to ensure he makes it home safely.

Red Coins

solar zoom yoshi

Soon after the race begins, pull over to the leftmost lane and simply drive on through the coin collection to earn two Red Coins. (2/20) Three more coins await near the end of the first tunnel on the left lane yet again, so either stick to there or dodge the shadows. (5/20) Afterwards, keep an eye out on for the above present; aim quickly, as it’ll pass up quick! (6/20) Two more coins await in the middle of the road up ahead past the ramp (8/20), and two more on the rightmost lane just before some shadowy clouds. (10/20)

As you dodge more clouds, six Red Coins are gathered in a cluster surrounding a special 10-coin — scoot by here to grab them. (16/20) Drive to the left immediately afterwards and stick to that lane as you drive up the slope for two more coins. (18/20) The final two are after the dilapidated roof — stick to the rightmost lane as you head downwards. (20/20) 

Smiley Flowers

solar zoom

Solar Zoom, as we’ve already elaborated, is a race involving solar-powered bottle cars. To earn three of the level’s five Smiley Flowers requires a deep understanding of solar-powered science, and by that we mean: stay out of shadows. Never underestimate your vehicle instantly slows to a crawl when lingering within the black blotches — even a second can spell failure — so you’ll be running back and forth between the car’s solar panels as you drift pass the other Shy Guys. For concentration purposes, we recommend reserving one playthrough for going for the gold as opposed to juggling the rest of the collectibles. Bear in mind you can lob eggs at the other racers!

The other two are scattered throughout the course. See the Smiley Flower here near the beginning? The exact name of this turn escapes us, but regardless, you gotta turn allllll the right to enter. (4/5) The next one won’t pop for some time, but you’ll see it on top of the color-tiled, dilapidated tunnel towards the end. Swiftly navigate across the pitfalls as you make your way leftwards to grab it. (5/5)

Poochy Pups

solar zoom yoshi

Now those Poochy Pups have hijacked the race cars! Will they ever learn? To lure them back, you’ll have to Egg Toss at their respective cars, but that’s easier said than done — the Egg Plant’s no longer accompanying your vehicle! Thankfully, balloon-held eggs are littered across the car, so drive through them and lob away as you approach the doggies. Just drive as you did before and you should be fine.


solar zoom yoshi

Car Signs: Solar Zoom’s only souvenirs are located in the Flipside. You’ll find the first car as seen above on the red-paved slope-top near the beginning, but the second require some careful eagle-eyes — it’s resting upon this wall as you’re dodging all those shadow-casting clouds. The third car’s lies to the left of the boosters, and the fourth lies just outside the tunnel afterwards. Finally, keep an eye out on the right as you make the next turn for the last car.

And that’s a wrap for Solar Zoom! Give us a holler in the comments if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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