Open, Shut! Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Not quite an open-and-shut case.
open, shut! yoshi

Deep in Cheery Valley lies a vast mountain range raising unto the paper cut-out heavens, host to an assortment of affixed blocks never ceasing in spinning and clicking together. Being the only method of travel within Open, Shut!, you’re in for one heck of an obstacle course as you hunt down the Red Coins, Poochy Pups, Smiley Flowers, and Souvenirs. Thankfully, we at Hey Poor Player made a guide just for you. Now get climbing!

Red Coins

open, shut! yoshi

Between the two rotating pink blocks right at the beginning, pop the cloud to reveal two diamond-shaped coin collections — collect them to earn two Red Coins. (2/20) Next, smack the Gold Present by the green blocks (look for the Blue Clock Cloud in the back area), and you’ll earn another Red Coin. (3/20) Past the checkpoint, run underneath the twisting purple blocks and aim for the clouds seen above; one of them hosts five Red Coins. (8/20) Later, as you’re descending down the block pit, Flutter Jump over here to find three Red Coins (11/20), and another down here near the pink ones. (12/20)  

Before you reach the second checkpoint, don’t just jump off the green spinning bar; instead, take the long run around to your left so you can earn the three Red Coins underneath the nearby platform. (15/20) As you’re riding the four-piece block, you’ll find this hidden cloud; pop it to produce a mid-air collection, and Flutter Jump through to earn the final five Red Coins. (20/20)

Smiley Flowersopen, shut! yoshi

A Blue Clock Cloud awaits near the beginning — as you’re hopping across twisting green blocks, run into the background and pop it for a blue coin-collecting mini-game. Watch for the Flightless Goonies rushing you and you should nab ’em all in no time. (1/5) After the checkpoint, ascend the entire assembly of purple blocks and green bars to find the second Smiley Flower. (2/5) After Ground Pounding through the brown blocks, jump through the coin arc across the pit to uncover a hidden cloud; pop it, and you’ll find the third flower. (3/5) Just before the second checkpoint, eat up the ghosts to supply yourself with eggs and pop the Blue Clock Cloud. After popping all four balloons, you’ll have to run back to the green blocks to nab the flower. (4/5) The last flower’s hiding up here as you’re riding the four-piece block to the goal. (5/5)

Poochy Pups

open, shut! yoshi

Those Poochy Pups are at it again: this time, they’ve scaled the heights of Open, Shut!, and you’ve gotta track them down! As seen above, you’ll find the first after the checkpoint — scan the wall’s holes to find it hopping around. The second’s when you’re descending down the rotating block pit; however, instead of dropping all the way down, Flutter Jump straight ahead to these purple blocks and board them to rescue the poor puppy. The last doggo’s riding for dear life on a twisty green bar near the end. (You don’t need any directions — just keep progressing and it should pop out.)


open, shut! yoshi

Dragonflies: Five of these blue dragonflies are flying and resting about these obstacle-filled mountains. The first lies underneath the pair of pink rotating blocks near the beginning (where you find the first two Red Coins), the second on a mountain behind the twisting green bar by the Blue Clock Cloud, the third hiding behind the Flightless Goonie caverns (just below  the brown blocks you Ground Pound through), the fourth juuuuuust off screen by the second Blue Clock Cloud (the clever scamp’s right here!), and the fifth hiding behind the clouds just past the second checkpoint.

Wooden House: This Flipside souvenir’s found in the background, after you descend the rotating block pit just before the second checkpoint.

Helicopter: Remember where you popped the first Blue Clock Cloud in the original level? Climb up the respective background area in the Flipside version and you’ll find this helicopter soaring the skies.

And that’s all for Open, Shut! Give us a shout if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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