Ride the River Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Watch for wild Lunge Fish.

ride the river yoshi

Ride the River’s exactly what it says on the tin can: Yoshi’s riding down a river. Said river’s home to Lunge Fish and Piranha Plants scheming to gobble him up, so you’ll have your hands full grabbing all those Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups and Souvenirs. We highly recommend a copy of our Wildlife Survival Guide before you make the trek.

Red Coins

ride the river yoshi

Talk about bad luck: the first three coins are hidden behind the first big Lunge Fish waiting for you. Thankfully, you can just smack it aside with an Egg Toss and then fire off another egg to earn your prize. (3/20) Mosey along until you spot the Bottle Hut souvenir, where you demolish the walls to reveal an illicit smuggling operation! Okay, it’s just Shy Guys carrying goodies around; smack the one with the coin. (4/20) Dodge the incoming Lunge Fish and snag this coin as you ride down the waterfall. (5/20) When you pass the checkpoint, run down to your left and snag the coins underneath the platform. (8/20) After the Blue Clock Cloud, smack this gold present for another coin. (9/20)

After the waterfall, watch for a floating half-ring of coins before the Lunge Fish — one of them is a red one. (10/20) Another half-ring awaits before the second checkpoint. (11/20) When you reach said checkpoint, take a left and head up the waterfall, then grab these three Red Coins. (14/20) Run back the opposite direction, but when you hitch a ride on a lily-pad, take a crouching position so you can nab these three Red Coins. (17/20) Finally, watch for these floating Red Coins during the Lunge Fish chase. (20/20)

Smiley Flowers

ride the river yoshi

The first Smiley Flower is under careful watch by, you guessed it, a hungry Lunge Fish. Simply drive it away with an Egg Toss and float under the leaves to grab it. (1/8) A Red Clock Cloud will be waiting for you shortly afterwards, which’ll have you Egg Tossing for Blue Coins. Held captive by Shy Guys floating by on lily-pads, careful aiming can score multiple coins at once, but watch for the last big coin sneaking out by the mini-game’s end. (2/8) Watch for the Bottle Hut souvenir afterwards and break down the walls — one of the goodies the Shy Guys are carrying is the next Flower. (3/8) After the checkpoint, run down to your left and hop across the lily pads to find the Smiley Flower hidden above. (4/8)

Uh oh, another Lunge Fish is guarding another flower, this one held by a Blue Clock Cloud. Smack the beast away before popping the cloud, then you can collect the blue coins at your leisure. (5/8) After the second checkpoint, head down the river to your left and up past the waterfall, then dodge the Lunge Fish to collect this flower. (6/8) Run back and catch a lily-pad, then watch for this flower floating in front of a big waterfall (7/8) Your last flower’s hiding behind the green blocks as you’re escaping the killer Lunge Fish. (8/8)

Poochy Pups

ride the river guide

Even the Poochy Pups fancied a river ride; unfortunately, they were left stranded after a freak tubing accident, so it’s up to you to round them up. You’ll find the first in plain sight hanging onto some suspended logs, but the second, which is past the second checkpoint, may give you some trouble — as seen above, there’s no stationary ground to aim towards the boat, so your best bet’s to hitch whatever lily-pad comes rushing down the waterfall and quickly, but calmly aim for the puppy. Thankfully, the third — riding on a lily-pad in the background — can be nabbed from more stable ground. (Look for a convenient Egg Block!)


ride the river yoshi

Bottle Hut: You’ll spot this Shy Guy bungalow right after the Red Clock Cloud.

Dried Fish: Finders, keepers — these prepped fish are found at the second checkpoint.

Tin Boat: Five of these Tin Boats are found sailing Flipside waters. The first, host to a Shy Guy couple’s date, is found near the beginning, the second’s hidden behind some hills next to the first checkpoint, the third’s found in the distance before the second checkpoint, the fourth’s — capsized upon some rocks — guarded by a Lungfish, and the fifth rests just by the goal.

And that’s it for Ride the River! Let us know if you have any additional questions via the comments, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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