Under Siege Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Conserve eggs.
under siege

Remember those bucket-head guards from Skulking Around? Hidden Hills has employed their services for Under Siege, and their fierce dedication to patrolling will ensure a rough time in gathering Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, and Souvenirs. We’ve outlined a guide to outwit them, but bear in mind that just like Rough Rolling before it, the limited supply of eggs may desire a focus on individual objectives as opposed to collecting them all at once.

Red Coins

under siege

For the first four coins, secure some eggs and stick to the first elevator’s rightmost edge, and wait for this coin trail to come into view — toss an egg to grab them. (4/20) Upon ascending the dual elevators, scan the background building for a gold present, then smash it open for your first coin. (5/2o) During the incoming wave of coins, grab the uppermost coins in the diamond formation (as seen above) on both ends. (7/20) Next, pop the cloud underneath the next elevator and grab the five coins depicted here, (12/20) then nab these three coins as you ascend towards the magnet. (15/20) The last five coins are floating just before the goal — ensure you use a careful balance of Gusty ghost footstools and Flutter Jumps to grab them. (20/20)  

Smiley Flowers

under siege

Right when the level starts, you’ll be on a mad dash to grab two Smiley Flowers, so act fast! First sprint to the metal elevator and run to the right-most edge to grab a Smiley Flower, (1/6) You’ll probably trigger the alarm, so avoid the guard, scarf down two of the approaching Gusty ghosts to secure eggs. Immediately run down to the leftmost and pop the cloud, then toss another egg at the Smiley Flower to nab it just in time. Whew! (2/6)

After reaching the dual elevators, jump to this spot to find another cloud; pop it for the third flower. (3/6) The incoming Blue Clock Cloud will have you eat five tomatoes; naturally, these’ll sink if not grabbed in time, so get a head start by popping the cloud just as it comes into view and you should be fine. (4/6) A circulating cloud will be encountered in the following single elevator ride; pop it, but note the flower within will follow the same route, so either aim or Flutter Jump carefully to nab it. (5/6) 

The last flower requires some careful Flutter Jump timing on your part — at the very end of the magnet ride, wait for the Gusty ghosts to fly by, then hop upon one towards the right to spot a hidden Smiley Flower here. Flutter Jump on over to secure it, then carefully flutter back to the magnet and complete the level. (6/6)


under siege

Shrunk Plastic Yoshi: Five of these cute stained glass Yoshis are floating about in Under Siege. You’ll find the first two at the very end of the opening elevator ride, the first on a leftwards window and the second immediately afterwards just below a rightmost window. During the dual elevator, you’ll spot the third Yoshi’s chilling on the background building following the Blue Clock Cloud. The fourth Yoshi is within a broken window during the sole elevator ride. Finally, when riding the lone magnet, simply look to your left and you’ll eventually encounter the last Yoshi.

Congrats, you’ve completed Under Siege! Give us a shout in the comments below if you have any further questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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