Poochy’s Tape Trail Collectibles (Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide)

Saddle up — you’re gonna need Poochy’s help!
poochy's tape trail

As the name implies, Poochy makes his Yoshi’s Crafted World debut alongside some tricky tape trails! Cute as it may be, this level’s one tough cookie when it comes to collectibles; believe it or not, that Smiley Flower above’s possibly the toughest one to find! Thankfully, we at Hey Poor Player have rounded up all the Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Souvenirs and Poochy Pups hiding in this seasonal stage.

Red Coins

poochy's tape trail

Right from the beginning, you’ll spot the above Shy Guy hiding behind a bush. Toss an egg to take his coin. (1/20) After you move on and meet those bizarre pink squirrel…things, you’ll find one guarding a collection of coins. They can’t be defeated, but some careful maneuvering will allow access to another Red Coin. (2/20). Afterwards, head over to the next pink squirrel blob and sneak under it, defeat the Shy Guy, and head to the sheep to find three more coins. (5/20)

Later, after you’ve crossed the green tape river, you’ll spot a present nestled in a distant hill; smack it open for another coin. (6/20) Ascend the pink squirrel-accompanied ladder immediately afterwards and pop the cloud at its top to earn three more. (9/20) After you’ve passed the Red Clock Cloud, bop the Shy Guy hiding in the bushes for another coin. (10/20) Your next three coins will reveal themselves after unwrapping the middle tape in the following tape-yard. (13/20) 

After Poochy joins you, travel along until you reach the area with a Smiley Flower blocked by pink clay, then jump then and take a close look; why, isn’t that a coin-carrying Shy Guy hiding behind some tongue depressors? Knock ’em down and knock ’em out! (14/20) Afterwards, keep going until the scenery shifts to winter, and you’ll spot some Fly Guys by the tape snowmen; one carries a Red Coin, but they’ll fly back if you couldn’t catch it in time. (Or, well, you can just chase after ’em) (15/20) Later, when you’re unraveling the snow tape-yard, keep an eye out for the coin-carrying Fly Guy by the tape snail. (16/20)  

While the last four are nearby, they’re easily overlooked and are the trickiest to find. After the Fly Guy coin, travel downwards and unravel the mess of tape, then look for a circled dead end — you’ll find the cloud hosting them there. (20/20) In case you haven’t found the last Smiley Flower, take a peek around here; you’ve likely missed a sneaky piece of unrolled tape.

Smiley Flowers

poochy's tape trail

Your first Smiley Flower’s as depicted above, residing upon a suspended platform by two pink squirrels near the level’s beginning. (1/7) The next one’s granted by the Red Clock Cloud, but mind your eggs — there’s an Egg Plant nearby to replenish your ammo, but with how many trees/bushes covering the Shy Guys, you should only knock down a couple to fish ’em out; otherwise, you’ll just be wasting time gathering more eggs. Some careful aiming can knock two or more pieces, with my own personal trick involving the middle bushes. (2/7)

Anywho, the next Smiley Flower’s in plain sight; really, you’ve probably already nabbed it by the frog prince. (3/7) The next one requires Poochy’s help — walk along until you spot some pink clay blockading a lone Smiley Flower, then walk up to it and Poochy’ll get the hint to tunnel through. Hover jump over the cardboard housing the Flower, and then Poochy’ll fetch it — teamwork! (4/7) The next one’s the toughie I mentioned earlier, and is easily missed if you’re not riding Poochy — when you enter the farm, giddy up and wait until he takes a great leap; there’s your flower right there. (5/7)

Next, you’ll encounter a Blue Clock Cloud on a green tape trail, so collect ’em all to earn a Smiley Flower at the end of the road. (6/7) Finally, the last Smiley Flower’s cleverly hidden itself among the taperolls within the winter tape yard. When you’ve unrolled all the tape, stand right here and you’ll notice one last roll behind a bush. Smack it open to reveal a flower-hosting cloud. (7/7)

Poochy Pups

These pups aren’t even trying this round; seriously, one’s chilling on the wintry tape snail, the other within a distant farm, and the last one playing by the frog prince. Off day, perhaps?


Sheep: Seven sheep, to be exact! Their locations are as follows: under green tape near the beginning (where you found three Red Coins), hidden behind a tree near the green tape river, on top a tree by the pink squirrel ladder, concealed behind the tongue depressor fence, blending in with regular sheep after the Blue Clock Cloud, next to a distant house within the winter tape-yard, and hidden behind a pink squirrel-occupied building.

Pumpkin: This pumpkin’s not quite all there, but when the Blockafeller speaks, we heed their call. You’ll find this polka-dot pumpkin about midway-through, in front of some pink squirrels.

Red Tulip: You’ll find this beautiful flower by the level’s end, albeit surrounded by other plants in the distance. Take a peek behind the cans!

And that’s it for Poochy’s Tape Trail! Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, but in the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Crafted World guide hub!

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