Hey Poor Player’s Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide

Need help finding Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, and Souvenirs? We got the goods.
yoshi's crafted world guide


Hello, and welcome to Hey Poor Player’s Yoshi’s Crafted World Guide! For anyone searching high and low for the hand-crafted knick-knacks within Yoshi’s adorable Switch adventure, we’ve got you covered. Be it Red Coins, Smiley Flowers, Poochy Pups, or Souvenirs, we’ll provide in-depth walkthroughs on each and every level so you can nab ’em all!

Before we list off the game’s worlds/levels, here’s a brief shakedown on all four collectibles:

Red Coins: As always, the Red Coins disguise themselves as regular ol’ yellow ones. While there’s no harm in simply collecting every coin you come across, a careful clue lies within their opposite rotation to that of regular coins.

Smiley Flowers: Those ever-familiar Smiley Flowers are back, and they gatekeep worlds in this game! Each level’s amount varies, and they’re also earned by collecting souvenirs and filling out level collectibles.

Poochy Pups: These three cuties have run off within Flipsides — backwards romps through each level. You can think of these hide-and-seek sessions as clever time attacks.

Souvenirs: The Blockafeller family — cardboard robots populating each world — implore Yoshi to hunt down everything from papercraft cows to paper plate fish. Weird hobby, but we won’t judge.

With all that in mind, here’s a list of all 17 worlds and the levels within. Rather bare, we know, but just like arts and crafts, it’s all under construction.

Level Guides

Sunshine Station (Rail-Yard Run)

Yarrctopus Dock (Many Fish in the Sea, Pirate Pier)

Go-Go Land (Poochy’s Tape Trail, Go-Go Yoshi)

Big Paper Peak (Mine-Cart Cave, Whistlestop Rails, Mousers and Magnets)

Origami Gardens (Spring Sprung Trail, Monty-Mole-B-Gone)

Dino Desert (Dino Smash, Skelesaurus Wrecks)

Sky High Heights (Altitude Adjustment, Poochy’s Magma Run, Windward Way)

Acorn Forest (Weighing Acorns, Jumping to Victory!)

Ninjarama (Deceptive Doors, Behind the Shoji, The Shogun’s Castle)

Rumble Jungle (Exploring the Animal Kingdom, Hoppin’ Higher, Jungle Tour Challenge)

Pastel Pathway (Stitched Together, Poochy’s Sweet Run, Yoshi Pulls Some Strings)

Cardstock Carnival (Spinwheel Shuffle, Haunted Maker Mansion, Hoop-Jump Hop)

Chilly-Hot Isles (Bombs Away on Pirate Island, Slip-Slide Isle)

Outer Orbit (The Countdown Begins, Ride The Stars, Space-Hub Hubbub)

Cheery Valley (Ride the River, Open, Shut!, Solar Zoom)

Shadowville (Be Afraid of the Dark, Skulking Away, Mr. Geary’s Factory)

Hidden Hills (Rough Rolling, Under Siege, Floppin’ and Poppin’)

Boss Guides

Kamek Kerfuffle

Other Guides

Sprout Hide-and-Seek

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